Life is Like a Cup of Coffee Revisited

The following was originally posted on this site several months ago. Since then, I have discussed the same with many individuals claiming that it has helped them cope with difficult times. Here’s hoping that posting it once again may help some others that need some inspiration and hope that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

Life is Like a Cup of Coffee

As one might imagine, I spend a great deal of time seeking out articles and information that may be of interest to the franchise industry, and readers of this site. Most of the time I’m looking for things relevant to franchising, entrepreneurship and small business.

Recently, I came across an inspirational video, “Life is Like a Cup of Coffee.” I watched the video several times, as I’m sure most of the people that have already seen this video have done. The message conveyed by the video made me think long and hard about the current economy and how it might be affecting people within the franchise community.

I thought about the franchise executives, who may be wondering when and where they’ll work next. Or, the entrepreneurs who invested large amounts of money developing new franchise systems, only to find themselves anxiously waiting for credit markets to ease up just a bit. And, I could not help think about the many franchisees, with life savings invested, watching their personal lifestyles drastically change, as they try to squeeze dollars out of cents.

This video provides a simple, yet profound look at life that may shed light on how challenges being faced today need to be addressed, and hopefully, resolved. Maybe, just maybe, it can be looked at as the simple approach to tackle complex problems. And, I’ve asked myself if it could really be instrumental in making people look at things differently and provide hope, where hope was not even considered before.

I know that hope is not a sound business strategy, but neither is waiting. At least with hope, it may provide inspiration to do things that may help in turning things around.

Anyway, take a look at the video and give this some thought. Then, please share it with your family and friends and request they share it with people they know. If we can ultimately help just one person, or just one family, we will have made progress. Progress that’s necessary to survive this rough economic storm.

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One thought on “Life is Like a Cup of Coffee Revisited

  1. “Life is Like a Cup of Coffee”. A whole lot of wisdom in one little video clip. Would that everyone would follow that creed. Amen.

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