Franchise Community – This Needs Our Immediate Attention!

Avoid-texting-while-drivingEvery once in a while, we come across something that makes such an impact on us that we find ourselves motivated to let other people know about our find. Well, I found one of those things. Except, it is not something that I’ve enjoyed, laughed at, or wanted to share for pleasure’s sake. However, it is something that everyone, I mean EVERYONE must be aware of. It’s something that everyone must share and spread the word about. That is, if you care about saving human lives and protecting families from absolute devastation.

The other day I was watching Rick Sanchez on CNN as they showed a Public Service Announcement video that depicted a horrendous accident which was the result of “texting and driving.” After watching this eye-opening four and half minute video, I was speechless, but knew I had to help spread the message of no texting (or emailing, tweeting, posting, etc.) and driving.

One of my social media clients, Mom Corps, happens to follow, and be followed by, @DontTwive. I had seen their posts and even before watching the PSA video, I was intrigued by their efforts. We tweeted a few things about DontTwive and retweeted some of their posts as well. But, after seeing the video, I knew I had to do more.

Today, I posted, from me, and from Mom Corps, tweets on Rick Sanchez show on CNN. Our messages ran across the screen many times during the show. Posts were also made on my personal twitter account, and that of Mom Corps. I also posted a link to the DontTwive blog on my Facebook page. But I know it’s not enough. Not even scratching the surface, but I know every little bit helps when it comes to saving lives and protecting families.

So, in an effort to take this to a new level, I invite all our site visitors to read the following blog article from DontTwive, and view the accompanying video. In addition, I implore all to please preview the rest of their site because it has a wealth of information and other articles pertaining to this horrific subject.

Upon doing so, please join me in supporting DontTwive and their efforts by sharing this information with all your friends and family, and with all your social networking connections. Also, please follow DontTwive on Twitter and make sure to tell everyone who will listen to do the same. On my end, I will look for additional ways of helping, so stay tuned for more details.

4 Minutes and 15 Seconds that can save your life

This 4:15 PSA video from the Wales Police Department is graphic and intense but left us speechless with its message. Some say this video is too gruesome and YouTube has even blocked the 18 and under group from being able to view (the target audience for this Public Service Announcement.)

Read the complete article and watch the video HERE!

This video should be watched by any driver who thinks they can text and drive. Life can change in one second. One second – less time than it takes to Tweet, text, email, or dial a phone number.