Franchise Lead Generation via Social Media

The following article about franchising and social media is being reposted with permission from its author, Christine Mudd, Founder of Frandeavor, a franchise development company dedicated to growing franchisors through effective lead generation, in-market franchise sales, and real estate assistance. Christine’s article reinforces many of the principles discussed in franchisEssentials recent series Franchise Development via Social Media.

unicornI Sold A Franchise To A Unicorn
as Posted on Frandeavor Blog April 29th, 2009

I sold a franchise to a Unicorn. Yep, last week I closed a lead that was generated from a blog posting: AKA: Social Media. We’ve all heard stories of mythical leads generated by “free” postings on blogs and social sites, but until last week I hadn’t actually seen one.

If you are like me, you’ve got your twitter account, Facebook fan page, linkedin profile, but how do you convert these medias into active live leads?

1. Make sure your website is rock solid. All social media efforts point in one direction, straight back to your website. As a result, your franchise offering needs to be clear, easy to navigate, and compelling. Don’t waste one dime or one minute on social media until your website is powerful enough to convert any traffic into a lead.

2. Social Media is not free. You need a staff member and a brand champion to lead your social media efforts. This person needs to be a skilled writer, fluent in the language of social media, and they need to be an authentic FAN of your brand. You need to pay for their dedicated time in executing your social media plan. Don’t assign your social media efforts to the intern or the receptionist; assign it to a key member of your team.

3. Know your target franchisee. You’ve got to know everything about your target franchisee. By identifying where your target prospect shops, listens to music, and gets their news and hobbies, you can easily target the right blogs and social sites to engage in conversation.

4. Finally, be authentic. The great thing about social media is that it’s the people’s media. It’s not sponsored by Coke, or littered with pop ups. Social Media is like-minded people sharing ideas on a given topic. As a result, if you post a sales pitch or canned response readers will see right through it. Be passionate, be relevant, and you’ll become a member of the community.

Christine Mudd joined the franchise industry in 2000 as an Executive with Quiznos Sub. Since that time, Christine has worked in all aspects of franchise development including brand expansion and lead generation, franchise sales, real estate, and construction. Christine held many positions with Quiznos Sub including Vice President of Development and Vice President of Non-Traditional Development and Operations. In March of 2008 Christine founded FRANDEAVOR.