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As small business owners continue to feel the crunch of the current economic crisis, they can use all the resources they can get. Please share any business solutions and resources you’ve discovered that may assist small business owners keep their business afloat during these tough times and prepare them to capitalize on new business when the economy turns around. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated by all, I’m sure!

Here’s my contribution.

CEOjump ( is a solution to accessing all of the information needed to run a business effectively. Their goal is to create an online community that saves time by connecting the most critical information, business tools, and networking into the most efficient executive interface on the web!

2 thoughts on “Small Business Solutions and Resources

  1. As a small business, I find cheap marketing to be a big plus. As Harold said above, Twitter is a good resource. Other social media includes blogs and facebook. The generation of the future is all over the internet just waiting to be reached!
    Another form of cheap marketing would be to hold small seminars occasionally (perhaps once a month) by reserving a small room for breakfast inside of a restaurant. Just advertise it by passing out flyers or having a local college student do it for cheap.
    I am a business coach in upstate South Carolina and would love to share more tips!

  2. I think connecting with customers and building a relationship is key. Today one of the great ways is through Twitter.

    EMail marketing is another great way but it must be done so that you aren’t considered spam and that you provide quality eMails.

    One of the business that folk might find worth checking out is ReferNow.

    It’s good for connecting with customers in your area, utilizing your eMail lists, and getting help from your most loyal customers to use that most excellent factor “WORD OF MOUTH” marketing.

    For restaurants you should look at

    For Spa’s check out

    When compared to direct mailings, email mailings beat it hands down for cost and referral.

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