Has LinkedIn Lost its Appeal?

Is it just me that feels individuals are using LinkedIn more and more just to post job requests and sell services than to engage in discussions, meet new people, and develop relationships.

Have we become bored with LinkedIn?linkedin-logo2
Is LinkedIn a waste of time?
Why have we joined LinkedIn in the first place?
Are we achieving our objectives with LinkedIn?
Do we really need LinkedIn?

Personally, I find LinkedIn most helpful because it provides benefits and information that would be impossible to bring together under any circumstances except in a similar networking site. So why not use LinkedIn for all it has to offer?

Do you realize the wealth of experience at our fingertips on LinkedIn? Without LinkedIn we might never get to network with some of the world’s most intelligent people. Not just know them, but be able to tap their brains for information and share thoughts and feelings about any subject imaginable. I’m not just talking about the obvious contacts like leaders in our respective industries, or even famous people that we come across now and again.

Instead, I’m talking about the great minds of tomorrow, the leaders of tomorrow. Imagine having had the chance, 10, 20, or 30 years ago, at sharing information and discussions with Bill Gates. Or, being able to read Steve Jobs’ answer to a compelling question. Or, how about learning what’s on the mind of a young Donald Trump or Richard Branson. Or, from the franchising perspective, how about experiencing the passion and vision of aspiring entrepreneurs Bud Hadfield and Ray Kroc.

Imagine having been able to communicate one-on-one with one of today’s government leaders and being exposed to their thoughts and views at an early age. What was President Obama like thirty years ago?

The point is, if we take full advantage of LinkedIn now, today, we might be exposed to the leaders of tomorrow. Through discussions and sharing information we might learn today, what can benefit us tomorrow. We might receive some insight today that becomes essential tomorrow.

We just don’t know what might help us in the future. So, why not take full advantage at what we have right in front of us today? Here’s to engaging discussions, new and renewed relationships, and sharing of information!

2 thoughts on “Has LinkedIn Lost its Appeal?

  1. Paul,

    Your comments are bang on and insightful. Imagine the ability to pinpoint someone with some expertise and be able to contact them through an InMail? I see LinkedIn as being my Trusted Network of Advisors, and those who don’t see it for what it is are missing out.

    I also blog about how best to utilize LinkedIn so feel free to use my blog as a resource: http://linkedinquestions.wordpress.com

    – Neal

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