Huge Growth Projected for Social Media, Mobile and Email Marketing!

As the following article and graph points out, it is projected that social media marketing, mobile marketing and email marketing will experience huge growth through the year 2014. franchisEssentials has projected the same, and has geared up to provide clients comprehensive, technologically advanced marketing services and strategies. Complementing its own expertise and increasing success in social media marketing, franchisEssentials has recently aligned itself with several leading marketing and support organizations. To address email marketing and mobile marketing, it has entered into Strategic Partnerships with iVideo Makers (aka Franchise Video Makers) and Strategic Growth Concepts.

iVideo Makers bring an exciting combination of video and audio products that take email marketing to new levels of message delivery and professionalism. Quite frankly, nothing compares. It’s newest product, iVidMail is state-of-the-art and is used to create video email campaigns with extensive audio and video capabilities, complemented by an expansive tracking and reporting system.

Strategic Growth Concepts utilizes years of experience and expertise in mobile marketing and cellular technology to create successful mobile marketing campaigns for franchise organizations and independent small businesses alike. Utilizing more strategy than a particular product, and capitalizing on the increasing popularity of the iPhone and Blackberry, Strategic Growth Concepts keeps itself on the leading edge of the rapidly expanding mobile marketing market.

franchisEssentials has also entered into Strategic Partnerships with Arment Dietrich PR, Open Box, SmartFinds Marketing and AssociAD. These highly successful organizations are focused on public relations, custom software development and tech support, internet marketing and direct mail marketing, respectively. franchisEssentials is excited by its ability to offer clients extensive and comprehensive marketing and emarketing services, as a one-stop marketing and development company, for years to come.

Forrester Predicts Huge Growth for Social Media Marketing [and Mobile Marketing and Email Marketing]
as posted on Marketing Pilgrim Friday, April 24th, 2009 by Andy Beal

Forrester Research is holding its own conference (Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2009) down in Orlando and has just revealed its predictions for the growth of online advertising. The bottom line is that social media and mobile will be the hottest, but just about everything will see an upward trend.

3 thoughts on “Huge Growth Projected for Social Media, Mobile and Email Marketing!

  1. Excellent and accurate information! As Melih indicated, Forrester has a great reputation for accuracy and their information can be depended upon. Marketers need to get up-to-speed on these new marketing technologies!

    If your readers are interested in learning more about social media, video marketing, and mobile marketing so they can use them effectively to grow their business, they should visit our blog @ .

    Linda Daichendt, CEO
    Strategic Growth Concepts

  2. To couple with the stats above, 93 percent of Americans expect ALL companies they interact with and buy from have a social media presence. Ninety-three percent! That means if you don’t have a social media presence, your prospective customer likely isn’t going to buy from you and will go to your competition, who does have a presence.

    I hear all the time, “I don’t have time”, “Why do I have to do this?”, “I don’t understand it”, and “My customer isn’t online.”

    Make time. Your competition does. Understand it. It’s not rocket science. Your customer IS online, regardless of your wanting to admit it or not. This is just as important for B2B companies as it is for B2C. It’s time to get on the bandwagon.

  3. Hi Paul,

    This information is right on target and Forrester Research has experience in the Internet space going back to the 1990’s. Their predictions have been accurate in the past and they have a good reputation.

    I recently posted a comment at LinkedIn about Social Media Marketing. This posting covers areas that need to be considered and three service options for businesses and corporations. You can see that here.

    Thanks for passing this along to everyone.

    Kind regards,

    Melih (“may-lee”) Oztalay, CEO
    SmartFinds Internet Marketing
    Tel: (248) 568-2241

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