Social Networking and Business Growth: A Winning Combination

Social Networking is the perfect answer to growing your business, economic downturn or not.

networking-photosOver time, personal interaction within a social networking environment creates trust. In turn, it develops relationships, shares information, provides two-way communications, and provides points of reference for follow up. It creates a multi-tiered platform of information that benefits both business development and customer generation efforts alike. Often, simultaneously.

How are you using social networking (and Web 2.0 tools) to grow your business? Are you using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to full benefit? Need some questions answered? Post them below and we’ll be sure to answer them. If we don’t have the answers you need, we’ll get them for you as soon as possible.

6 thoughts on “Social Networking and Business Growth: A Winning Combination

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience. It seems like you’re on the right track. Albeit, the right track is based upon your creativity and imagination.

  2. Paul,
    Social media is the new frontier and business people have to jump in and learn it-the new generation coming in in 5 years or so will be customers and in 10 years or so will be potential franchisees-this is the way they communicate.
    I got on Linkedin and Face book first (we are trying to figure out a fan page for Facebook) and am on
    Twitter has been amazing-the articles and information people post has been great. We even had story about us published in the UK because of Twitter.
    I have also joined as an auther on and in a span of 2 weeks close to 200 hits to the 4 articles I have up there and one of the articles has been published.
    I am learning and feel we need to learn without trying to figure out first, how it will benefit us. It has to be like Nike says-Just do it!

  3. I started using LinkedIn and joining groups to start my social media networking. I found LinkedIn to be the largest network of business professionals. It has been a great avenue to pull together like-minded individuals asking questions and sharing business advice. From LinkedIn I moved to Twitter. I took a little time to get to know the culture by reading messages and getting a feel for what is asked and shared. It has been a fantastic tool to post links, resources, and promote our services through very short (140 character) messages. I have many on my team using Twitter so that we can extend our reach focusing on our area of expertise. I have a Facebook page that I use for my personal social networking with friends and family. It is amazing the number of people I lost contact with over the years and we are now reconnected!

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