Driving Customers to Franchise Locations with Mobile Marketing

Strategic Marketing Concepts, a Strategic Partner of franchisEssentials, is a leading expert on Mobile Marketing. Below is a quick glance at how a small business can use mobile marketing as described on the Strategic Marketing Concepts website and blog. We highly recommend visiting these sites to learn more about this exciting technology, and trust you’ll find the information valuable enough to share with your franchisees individually, or through your franchise organization’s advertising cooperatives.

mobile-marketingHow Can a Small Business Use Mobile Marketing?

•a fitness club can post class schedules
•a restaurant can post seasonal menus or coupons
•a school can send voice messages to parents to remind them to attend parents’ night
•a locksmith can list after-hours contact numbers
•a manufacturer can survey customers about a new product
•a plumber can list rates and emergency numbers
•a bookstore can post special events such as guest appearances by well-known authors
•a theater can post movie schedules
•a nightclub can promote appearances by various entertainers
•a grocery store can post weekly coupons and special offers
•a bank can notify customers if their account is going to be overdrawn
•a radio station can have listeners enter a contest
•many, many other ways that will drive business