What is Your Biggest Business Frustration?

Q & ARecently, the question, “What’s your biggest business frustration?” was posted on Linkedin. The question was posted in the small business / franchising Q & A section. Below please find several of the responses from a cross-section of small business professionals . As I have done in the past, the names of the responding individuals will be kept confidential. Instead, they will only identified by their Linkedin statement or profile.

A small business owner provided a brief response:

Three in order….
1) government paperwork
2) employees that do not work while at work
3) taxes…really…tax the rich? Don’t you know it is the rich that pay your paychecks?

An individual that describes himself as a “Marketing Visionary” responded:

a) workers that want a job, not an opportunity
b) prospects thinking your NOT capable because your an SMB
c) vendors offering solutions – a don’t know my business
d) Clients thinking 15 days means 30 days payable in 45

Another small business owner chimed in:

Being a small business owner myself I find it frustrating that clients continually will get ripped off and not get the most for their money because they feel more comfortable going to a ‘big name’ company.

A small business owner in the graphics design business added:

My biggest frustration is clients not taking my advise. My designs are not there to look pretty, I design marketing pieces to accomplish my client’s goals. Many times, clients have a set thing they want to say. Really, they need to think about what the customer wants to hear and how they can help them. Do you want to read a mission statement on a website or do you want to see if the company you are looking at offers the service you are looking for? I get frustrated when clients waste my time and their money. I want them to get something out of their marketing.

Really? Are these really our biggest business frustrations?

Let’s keep the conversation going and get some response from the franchise community. Franchisors, franchise executives, franchisees, franchise brokers, franchise consultants and franchise suppliers, let’s hear what YOU have to say. So, what is YOUR biggest business frustration?

6 thoughts on “What is Your Biggest Business Frustration?

  1. Hello Dmgsouth:

    I agree that knowing how to motivate your people and getting them to think like to owner. Part of that is dictated by hiring the right people. The other part is, as you said, changing the attitude of the owner towards employees.

    In research we did back in 1995-97 and continue to revisit, we find the biggest predictor of how well a business (large or small) does is how they treat employees.

    If you listen to employees, involve them in decisions and trust them until they prove otherwise you’ll have happier employees. Happier employees leads to attracting better candidates.

    In a nutshell, employees like to be treated as a resource rather than an expense.

    And, of course, a happier workplace leads to higher sales. People like dealing with companies with happy employees and try to shun, if at all possible, places where dealing with employees is a miserable experience.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insight. With your comments posted, possibly our readers will contact you for further explanation as you have offered. Thanks for your continued participation in this forum.

  3. Paul,
    It’s interesting the from the first two responses you added the owners are complain about employee attitude.

    I know how to fix that. I worked for a company where I was able to help the company profit over $1,000,000 more each year by changing how the employees were motivated. You must change how people think. You have to get everyone in the business to think like the owner, not just the owner.

    I have been involved in this process many times, I have observed the process, and read about this same process(from studies done by Harvard and others). Most business and owners can do it if they are willing to change they way they think.

    Everyday I walk into business were they have a problem with owners mistrusting the employees and the employees believing they are basically slaves.

    Most of the time when the thinking changes the employees, who are thinking like owners work twice as hard. And the owners get the benefit of doubling the profit they were creating before.

    You may be skeptical at this point. Contact me and I can explain.

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