“Serving Those Who Served For Us”

support_our_veteransHere’s another fine example of how the franchise community continues to provide assistance to veterans, including transitioning military service personnel. The following is a reprint of a blog post by Cyndee Perkins, Computer Explorers Director of Curriculum and Program Development. Additional information regarding Computer Explorers veterans support may be accessed HERE.

Question: I read that COMPUTER EXPLORERS is offering classes for military veterans. What is that about?

Answer: Bud Hadfield, owner of COMPUTER EXPLORERS, is a WW2 veteran who wants to “serve those who served for us!”

As posted on Computer Explorers Blog (August 20, 2009)

COMPUTER EXPLORERS is incorporating project-based learning to help military veterans in their job-search and career placement. The first pilot program will be underway September 8-11 at Northwest Forest in Houston, Texas.

Using our proprietary curriculum to learn MS Office® applications (Word, Power Point and Excel), participants will develop their resume’s, explain their life and work experience with PowerPoint, and establish personal budgeting processes. They will showcase their “projects” via our new social media course (focusing on LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook) to develop business contacts and job opportunities. These practical applications will enable the vets to explore wider employment opportunities. Hadfield, who was a Dale Carnegie instructor for 20+ years, has also created a short Personal Development Workshop to help the vets speak comfortably in front of a group and to develop interviewing skills.

We’re excited about doing these classes, and are looking forward to meeting with the veterans in a couple of weeks! Let us know if you have any suggestions that you think we should include as part of the course content!