Social Media Activity Adds to Real-Time Search Results

Google Adds a Real-Time Wrinkle
As reported in Website Magazine

Beginning in early December 2009, Google took another giant leap by releasing Real-Time Search Now, for some queries, the first page of results shows a scrolling box with real-time search results – many of which come from users’ social updates and content. Real-Time Search has major implications and further alters the SEO landscape.

Read more about this important news and how it affects SEO at Website Magazine.

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4 thoughts on “Social Media Activity Adds to Real-Time Search Results

  1. That is going to be real interesting. Adds a whole new dynamic. A dynamite dynamic really. Google is quite the innovator. It’s amazing how some of the things they have done have had such major impact in areas most people would never have thought of. Not to mention how there innovations have spurred others to innovate.

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