Males vs Females in Social Media: A Change in Tide?

The following was posted on the Online Media Gazette site about a recent survey that indicates the tide is changing when it come to social media usage by men and women. I found the most interesting fact is that women are still ahead in embracing and using the more mainstream social media such as Facebook and Twitter whereas the men seem to be more interested in the lesser-known, and possibly more complicated social media such as Slashdot which boasts itself as, “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.”

According to Liberty Mutual’s latest survey, they found that men embrace and use social networking sites much more than women do. Men are more active in social media “across the board” according to the survey.

The national survey was part of the firm’s Responsibility Project where they hope to give an insight to what people think are responsible ways to use social networking technologies at work, school and in relationships.

The results showed that 57% of men are more likely than 50% of women to have more than one social networking account on websites such as Facebook and Twitter. On top of that, 51% of men find it reasonable for their boss to tweet about their company compared to 37% of women.

The results are so much different from Pingdom’s survey done on November 2009. Before that, the ratio between male and female demographics in social networks was 47% and 53% respectively. Here’s a chart from the site to review the past statistics. (Make note: the chart is of PAST statistics, not of the current survey. Go figure…)

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