Female Franchise Candidates: The Smart Choice For Growing Your Brand?

I just finished reading an interesting article about female entrepreneurs. It made me wonder how many franchisors have specifically targeted female entrepreneurs as franchise candidates. Even those “man-in-a-van” franchises could probably benefit by an influx of female franchisees. Maybe a paradigm shift is in order? It’s an interesting proposition to ponder.

Just recently, on Franchise Today, I had a conversation with Leslie Curran, Franchise Attorney and Partner at Plave Koch. As part of our time together, Leslie provided some insight on the Women’s Franchise Network. Of course, this group is mostly comprised of female franchise professionals within the upper ranks of franchise organizations, or at firms providing services to franchisors. A fabulous wealth of talent for sure.

I’m guessing there are female franchisees within the group. But most likely that number is relatively low. I wonder what the discussions would entail at a Women’s FRANCHISEE Network meeting? I envision discussions about improving systems and processes, as opposed to rants and raves about lack of support and other “blame it on the franchisor” issues as is typical in many predominantly male franchisee meetings. I know that may not be fair to say, but I can only go by what I’ve witnessed over the years.

As we know, the foundation of franchising is built upon relationships. And, what gender is better at relationships? Male or Female? No doubt, female. And, what gender pays more attention to detail? I cast my vote for female all the way. And, what gender is more apt to communicate and share information? Well, it’s unanimous, female once again.

So, are female franchise candidates the smart choice for growing your brand? Or, maybe, it should be the obvious choice.

What We Can Learn From Female Entrepreneurs
By: Jill Brown on Entrepreneurs Mindset

Our latest recession created a revolution led by female entrepreneurs ready for a new beginning. According to the latest polls half of all businesses are owned by women and contribute roughly $3 trillion to our Female Entrepreneurs economy; a complete turn around from yesteryear.

Female Entrepreneurs were always held back from the business arena by stumbling blocks including sexual discrimination for being female. The negative images from the “old boy’s network” of overly emotional stressed out mommy’s wanting to “play business mogul” was always a major contributor to mental bombshells that attacked success.

Women were not given the same opportunities or access as men. But women learned how to cultivate positive images and turn those negative stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

The female entrepreneur learned early on that it was far more difficult to obtain funding as in bank loans than it was for a man. While a women’s business plan was just as good as any man’s business model, men seemed to have a more personal closer relationship with banks. But in the end, women are less eager to give up their vision and think their way into winning.

The future female entrepreneur learned the super conscious secret – to believe and achieve. Whatever your mind believes you can achieve. Women used it passionately to empower and eliminate negative mindsets. Female entrepreneurs tap into intuition and allow it to work for us. And female entrepreneurs have a different take on building a business.

Women can blend easier than a man; aspiring to balance their family life, leisure, and business, but the most important motive for both is the start of their own new enterprise.

Women are more motivated by the outlook of more flexibility and equilibrium between family, work, and leisure whereas men are motivated more by the aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur and escaping slaving for others.

Female entrepreneurs work smarter not harder when it comes to building a business. Not to say they are not challenged but they are in tuned to seek out technology and innovative ways to balance their lives and manage their time.

When it comes to creating new enterprise women’s goals differ from men’s. The fact that by starting their own business they attain a higher position for themselves and their family is less important to women than to men.

In general, female entrepreneurs know that they are responsible for where they are going; women have that positive action to conquer in the midst of adversity – meet it, greet it and defeat it.

While many of us still hold self-limiting fears and surrender to the dictates of others there are many up and coming female entrepreneurs that dare to be different and can visualize the success.

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