3rd Quarter is Key for 2010 Success!

What happened to the first half of 2010? July 1st started the 3rd Quarter. In football, this quarter is key to the outcome of the game. In business, it’s no different.

Corrections must be made on problems and challenges from the first half. Improvements must be made on things that were headed in the right direction, but not quite as effective as you’d like. And, significant changes must be made if the game plan just isn’t working (be sure to look at execution of plan as well).

So, whether you’re building upon that first half lead or playing catch-up, NOW is the time to kick things into high gear to achieve your goals and objectives in 2010. Waiting for late in the 3rd Quarter or at the start of the 4th Quarter may be just too late…

What challenges did you face in the first half of 2010? And, what measures are you implementing to overcome those challenges in the second half of 2010?

On the other hand, if you’re on target, will you stay the course and in essence, not rock the boat? Or, will you implement some changes to build upon first half success?

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