Franchise Sales Myth Uncovered

The following was actually a discussion initiated almost a year ago in several of the Linkedin franchise groups. I am reposting the same as I believe it is still relevant and appropriate today. The discussion was originally started by franchise veteran, Joe Caruso. As many that participate within LinkedIn groups know, Joe is an active participant in discussions, providing direct answers that are well-supported by his extensive knowledge of franchising and his practical solutions to challenges facing the franchise community today.

Have you met the Magical Itinerant Franchise Sales Pro?

You know, the legendary rolodex-carrying franchise sales guy that can sell Board Stretcher Franchises to Carpenters. He’s the elusive guy everyone wants to supercharge their company’s franchise sales. All he needs is a phone and his massive rolodex. How does he do it…well he uses a mix of Alec Baldwin’s Glengarry Glen Ross A-always, B-be, C-closing style, the tenacity of a Danny Devito in Tin Men and Ron Popeil’s silver-tongue infomercial delivery.

No one can resist the siren call of The Magical Itinerant Franchise Sales Pro’s pitch. Once delivered, this pitch renders the prospect incapable of saying no and asking what is the maximum number of franchise commitments he can buy. Once The Magical Itinerant Franchise Sales Pro has sold-out all the territory, he moves on to the next franchise company with an even more massive rolodex in hand to do it all over again.

Well most of us know that The Magical Itinerant Franchise Sales Pro is a myth. But how many of us have been asked if we know a Magical Itinerant Franchise Sales Pro?

Great franchising starts with a financially compelling concept that has strong unit economics, a strategic development plan, focused lead generation and a carefully crafted sales process that ensures best-fit franchisee selection. The idea that somehow a franchisor can fast-forward to a happy ending by short-cutting their way to building a durable, sustainable and successful franchise system is unrealistic. It takes more than a dream of success and a Magical Itinerant Franchise Sales Pro.

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