CNBC and P&G… too cozy a relationship?

I find it curious that CNBC would post a clarification and edit an already aired documentary because a willing participant supposedly misspoke in making a misleading statement about franchise royalty calculations? If there was a misstatement it certainly was not one made by CNBC and therefore should not have warranted a correction by CNBC.

In addition, it also may be lost on viewers that the Mr. Clean Car Washes, Tide Dry Cleaners and Dunkin Donuts were beneficiaries of the documentary. And of course it is apparent that Mr. Clean Car Washes, Tide Dry Cleaners are both franchises sold by a subsidiary of Proctor & Gamble, what is not obvious is that Dunkin Donuts brand coffee is roasted and sold under license by Proctor & Gamble in grocery stores across the country and NBC owner of CNBC generates millions of dollars of advertising revenue from Proctor & Gamble.

Did CNBC edit this documentary to protect its advertising revenue from Proctor & Gamble? Did Proctor & Gamble exert undue pressure on NBC / CNBC to change the documentary? This kind of thing is unheard of.

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7 thoughts on “CNBC and P&G… too cozy a relationship?

  1. There definitely should be skepticism about the retraction, and subsequent editing of the documentary. It was not a typo or a mistake made by CNBC. It was a clear statement by a franchisor representative that was nothing more than “sleight of hand” and from what I’ve come to learn, actually a common practice.

    Michael, thank you for all your comments. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and perspective. I’m sure our readers feel the same!

  2. Paul, I was surprised by this, also.

    On the ABA forum, there was a thread about this. It was my opinion that there was skepticism about the “retraction.”

    I think that many found as you did, that it was unlikely that an experienced franchise attorney somehow forgot the difference between gross and net.

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