Starting your social media program with the “Big Three”

Once your social media strategy has been developed, the resources have been committed and everyone is on board, it’s time to put the plan into action. Just like when you first started to read and count, you began with the “Big Three” of A-B-C and 1-2-3. Well, in social media, we’ll start with the Big Three of L-F-T, otherwise known as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some very simple activity highlights that should help you along:


Develop company LinkedIn profile
Each LinkedIn group has a discussion feature
Start out responding & answering questions
Earn the right to post questions / discussions
Be proactive in LinkedIn Q & A forum


Create Facebook page for your brand
Frequently post items of interest & links
Routinely post information about your concept
Utilize photos, videos & blogs


Post links that “touch” your franchise concept
Post links to your concept’s website and blogs
Post links to press releases, events and appearances
Search and follow celebrities for causes to align with
Research followers’ profile and follow significant individuals
Search and follow individuals and companies within ideal franchise profile
Post general items of interest and importance to your concept and franchise customers

As you progress in your social media efforts, follow the list below to enhance the foundation you’ve established with your activity:

Develop and promote a company blog
Develop and promote webinars
Post photos on Flickr
Post videos on YouTube
Explore niche social networks
Explore internet radio
Tag, Tag, Tag, wherever possible
Link to social networking sites
Integrate efforts with traditional strategies

Simple enough, right?

I look forward to your questions and comments…

*This post was originally published on this site March 2011

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3 thoughts on “Starting your social media program with the “Big Three”

  1. Search and follow celebrities? I was wondering when someone would ask about that. It’s more for their connections, and possible community causes they’re involved in. Also, a great way to come right out and ask for publicity. For Mom Corps we’ve been following Oprah with hope that she, or most likely, one of her producers, would respond to our tweets. Maybe it will lead to a show appearance! Also, many times celebrities, especially big-name sports figures, are involved in investment groups that explore franchise opportunities, etc. And, celebrities cause a great stir of publicity if you can get one involved in a cause or event that your brand is passionate about. All that being said, I would only follow celebrities that I may want to be associated with.

    Anytime you would like to talk about internet radio, just let me know!

    As always, I appreciate your comments (and compliments)!

  2. Sometimes what seems to be very complicated is “simple enough”! You have outlined a great plan. As I am progressing with social media my next step is internet radio and I know exactly who to reach out to for help…YOU!

    I do have a question for you. Why search and follow celebrities? I hear enough about them on tv and on the newstand magazines. Amy I missing your point?

    Thank you!

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