Acceler8Success Cafe Daily Weekend 10.31.20

The Weekend Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

So much has been written about the traits and skills one must have to be a successful entrepreneur that it’s easy to forget that sometimes it is the little things in life that lead to the greatest success. In Entrepreneur Habits, we provide you with simple yet effective habits that any fledgling founder can employ in their daily — or nightly — routine. With advice from top entrepreneurs and innovative practitioners, these creative customs can help put you on the path to progress. Read more.

Inspire Brands buys Dunkin’ in $11.3B deal

The acquisition is easily the largest deal between two restaurant companies in 2020, and grows Inspire Brands’ footprint from 11,000 to more than 31,000 restaurants, edging it closer to heavyweight rivals like 50,000-restaurant company Yum Brands. Inspire will also gain over $1 billion in revenue and about $12 billion in systemwide sales, based on Dunkin’s 2019 year-end results. Read more.

Corner Bakery Cafe sells to Boston Market owner Pandya

Affiliates of Roark Capital Group have sold the Dallas-based Corner Bakery Cafe brand to Pandya Restaurant Growth Brands LLC, the companies said Thursday. The fast-casual cafe brand had been held been a Roark subsidiary since 2011. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Read more.

Are you ready to own your own business?

21 Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur, be an entrepreneur. Don’t listen to the naysayers. If you fail with one idea, start another. You’re an entrepreneur, no matter what, whether up or down, success or failure, you’re always an entrepreneur. Remember that. Read more.

Why You Should Build a Personal Reputation Before Starting a Business

Before you start a business, you should consider building a personal reputation. You might be able to do this naturally by accomplishing noteworthy achievements in your field. But for most people, that means going out of your way to build up a personal brand on social media. Why is your personal reputation such an important factor for success in entrepreneurship, and what steps should you take to develop it? Read more.

An innovative approach to funding your small business.

Benetrends knows innovative funding – they were the first to introduce ROBS (Rollover as Business Startups) with their Rainmaker Plan®.   While there are competitors offering similar funding solutions, only Benetrends
has the breadth of funding opportunities and the experience to successfully launch the dreams of entrepreneurs – 17,000 and counting. Learn more.

Our generation is redefining entrepreneurship

As they enter the workforce, young adults of today know what they want and they don’t plan on settling. This generation values equal opportunity to grow and to reach financial freedom. Young adults want to be the ones in control of their future and for most, entrepreneurship is looking like the path to success. Read more.

How To Scale Your Business In Tough Times

To say that Covid-19 has thrown businesses for a loop would be an understatement. Yelp recently reported that, of the more than 160,000 U.S. companies that have closed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, 60% are now shut down for good. Read more.

“While we are in a challenging environment, you will find companies in every industry having their best year yet. Those succeeding are adapting, looking for the opportunity and using data to make fact-based decisions.”

Charles Gaudet, CEO of growth consultancy Predictable Profits

Our goal is to help current and aspiring entrepreneurs architect a plan of continuous accelerated movement toward a pinnacle of desired success, even if and when previously thought to be unattainable. This process has been developed around our proven e-IDEA (explore, identify, develop, execute & analyze) methodology. Deployed effectively, it is key to sustainability and ultimately, to success… Acceler8Success! Learn more.

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