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Made in America: How Two Black-owned Businesses Made it Through 2020

In March, Yolanda Owens was set to open a wellness center in an economically struggling Atlanta neighborhood like the one she’d grown up in. It was going to be the latest dream-come-true for Owens, who 17 years ago left a successful engineering career to start iwi fresh, a farm to skin spa in the city’s downtown.

The new wellness center would provide meditation classes, a juice bar and other health-related services to residents. It would also provide proof to young women of color that they too could start a business. Read more.

How One Entrepreneur Changed Her Business Model in the Pandemic

Sarah Figueroa had worked for several years to build a company, called Geojam, that would connect fans at concerts and give sponsors a look at what was working and what wasn’t.

“The dream was to connect people through music, in real life,” Ms. Figueroa said. “I’m at a concert. You’re also a fan. Let’s link up.”

Geojam, started last year, was going to meld her interests in social media, marketing, live events and music. The company planned a 50-college tour at the start of this year to test the idea. Read more.

Franchises Are Small Business

Over the next few weeks leading up to #SmallBusinessSaturday we’ll be posting photos like the one below to continue to create awareness that franchises are small business just like Mom & Pop businesses on Any Street, USA. And, just like those independent business owners, franchise owners take entrepreneurial risk, invest their life savings, work long hours, give back to their local communities, compete with big box retailers and much more. Please help in this cause by sharing these posts across social media. #ShopSmall #ShopLocal #ShopFranchise

National Entrepreneurship Month 2020

The United States is home to the most creative, passionate, and talented minds anywhere in the world. Throughout our history, we have pioneered revolutionary innovations, and we continue to reach new heights in business, science, and technology. During National Entrepreneurship Month, we celebrate the determination of those who strike out on their own to fuel our robust economy. Learn more.

Does “Practice Make Perfect” for Entrepreneurs?

Business funding from the government is something many entrepreneurs rely on to ignite what they hope is a successful career. However, a significant amount of these monies go wasted as these small businesses find themselves belly-up. This certainly leads to the obvious conundrum of who is worthy of such an investment.

If you’re either an entrepreneur or involved in government lending, this article is especially worthy of your time. In fact, the subsequent findings have the potential to impact public policy moving forward! Read more.

Houston-based Pepperoni’s growing popularity among consumers is based upon consistency in delivering high-quality NY Style pizza, exceptional customer service and excellent unit-economics. Coupled with a strong branding program, technology integration and low-investment level, Pepperoni’s, founded in 1990 is positioned to be the next disruption in the Pizza segment of Franchising. Request info.

17 Excellent Entrepreneurship Books You Can Read In A Weekend

Maybe something a bit different than the normal business book suggestions?

These picks are all 350 pages or fewer and can be finished in a single weekend—or a single sitting if you read quickly! Read more.

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