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7 Common Entrepreneurial Traps

Being an entrepreneur is actually quite dangerous. No, I’m not saying it’s at the level of danger first responders or medical workers on the front lines have to deal with, but hear me out: There are certain pitfalls and traps entrepreneurs can easily fall into that can ruin your health, your relationships, as well as your overall happiness.

Since the best offense is a good defense, I’ve outlined the top seven traps or pitfalls I see entrepreneurs fall into (and a few I’ve fallen prey to myself), listed in descending order, as well as some knowledge that will equip you with what to do if you do fall into one of these traps mistakenly. Read more.

120 Absolute Must-Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs

The most important key to serious accomplishment as an entrepreneur is, by far, your own internal drive and passion. That’s not something that you can learn. What you can learn, however, is pretty much everything else that is related to business ownership.

Countless investors, marketing geniuses, and wildly successful entrepreneurs have written about their personal experiences — what has worked for them and, often more importantly, what hasn’t. No matter your age, niche, industry, or phase in the entrepreneurial game, this list will help to direct you to the right blogs for your specific needs. Read more.

Small Business Owners Looking For Second Round Of PPP Loans

75% of eligible small businesses say they would apply or consider applying for a second Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, and about half (52%) of small business owners anticipate needing additional financial support over the next 12 months. The findings are part of a new survey conducted by the NFIB Research Center. The group’s been regularly studying the impact of Covid-19 on small businesses and this marks their 13th survey since early March.

“This has been a difficult year for small businesses and many of them are still struggling to survive,” said Holly Wade, executive director of NFIB’s Research Center. “It’s clear that the small business community, nearly half of the GDP, need additional financial assistance to keep their doors open. Small business owners are working hard to manage the health and safety of their employees, customers, and themselves while operating their business and complying with local mandates and regulations.” Read more.

Small Business Start-Up Funding Options

Over 17,000 entrepreneurs just like you have received $4+ billion in start-up funding through Benetrends Financial. With multiple small business funding options available – from tax-deferred and penalty-free financing through 401(k)/IRA accounts to SBA and conventional business loans – your dream of owning a small business is now a realistic goal. Learn more.

How Will Covid-19 Impact the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs?

Covid-19 has fostered a wave of innovation, both positive and negative, in the world of entrepreneurship. Researchers and entrepreneurs dedicate their lives to create a future for consumers and organizations. Scientific studies, along with considerable risks that entrepreneurs take, are essential for ending the Covid-19 crisis and designing new techniques to adapt to a post-pandemic world.

While entrepreneurs are optimistic and resilient, the pandemic will require them to shift their business approach for decades to come. Although some businesses may have plummeted, other elements surrounding the pandemic will build the next generation of entrepreneurs. Read more.

Recessions Push Some Entrepreneurs To Launch Too Soon

Entrepreneurial success may depend on more than a great idea, plenty of connections, and financial backing, new research suggests. The entrepreneur’s job security may also play a significant role.

Uncertain job prospects, such as those caused in financial downturns, sometimes convince entrepreneurs to improve their financial situation by rushing new ventures to market. In doing so, they sacrifice quality standards and ultimately underperform their peers. Read more.

10 Writing Resources I Wish I Knew About Earlier as a Freelancer

When I was little, I wrote mystery stories in a SpongeBob notebook. I’ve been writing ever since. However, throughout my freelance writing endeavors as a recent college graduate, I’ve learned that no matter how long I write, my writing can always improve. As someone just starting out as a freelance writer, I basically need all the help I can get. With the help of online writing resources, however, I’ve strengthened my grammar, headline strength, and more. I’m making over twice as much money as I did last month. I also wrote a story in Medium’s featured section and am a top writer in Writing, Business, and Leadership. In hopes I can help others in their writing journey, here are 10 writing tools I use often and wish I knew about sooner. Read more.

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