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10,000 of America’s restaurants have closed in the past three months

About 17% of America’s restaurants have already permanently closed this year, with the industry in further danger according to a new report. The National Restaurant Association is publicly pleading with Congress to pass new stimulus to help the industry that has been damaged by the pandemic. The group said Monday 110,000 restaurants have already permanently shuttered in 2020, with 10,000 of them closed in the past three months.

The group released results from a survey of 6,000 restaurant operators, revealing that 87% of full-service restaurants reported an average 36% drop in revenue and 83% expects sales to be “even worse” over the next three months as the virus continues to lash the United States. And 37% of restaurants said it is “unlikely” they will be open in six months from now, if there are no additional government help.

“Save Restaurants!” Written by a restaurant owner.

As I walk into the grocery store with 30 other people at the same time, I think about my restaurant which allows parties of 6 total, and meticulously spaces out reservations by 10 minutes ensuring guests that aren’t from the same party do not arrive at the same time.

As I take a cart, that has had just the handle sanitized, I think about my restaurant which invested thousands of dollars (so far) on ink and paper to print disposable menus to ensure no two guests touch the same menu.

As I walk over to the produce aisle with 15–20 other people around me, I’m reminded of the strict “no mingling / no walking around the restaurant other than to use the washroom or enter/exit” policy we have in place and the 6ft distance between tables which has cut our capacity in half. Read more.

Eight Obstacles Entrepreneurs Never Expected To Have To Overcome When Starting Their Businesses

The easiest part of opening a business is coming up with the idea and filing the paperwork. The most challenging part often might not be apparent right away. No leader can predict or prepare for every obstacle they might encounter as a business owner, and hurdles can vary by industry and by each entrepreneur. However, with a little insight from more experienced entrepreneurs and the right mindset, you can successfully guide you and your business through any challenge. Read more.

Entrepreneurs: How To Start a Business Now!

My mission is to help entrepreneurs start their business and empower them to exponentially succeed. So entrepreneurs, today, you’re gonna learn how to avoid waiting for the perfect moment and how to start your business now!

Don’t work for yourself only – but for all the people believing in you and your dream.

Kevin Harrington

In the video below, I bring you along my journey from investing in the Ginsu Knife to becoming the Original Shark on the TV show Shark Tank. Here’s the thing, we all have to start somewhere but the only way you can become a successful entrepreneur is by starting now!! Read more.

10 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Power Through Tough Times

Let’s be honest: things are changing rapidly, the world is chaotic right now, and struggling entrepreneurs are scrambling to maintain any sense of control during these tough times. I know, because I feel it, too. But with so much up in the air, there’s still a lot of optimism to hold on to. Folks may be divided these days, but what we all have in common is the goal to keep striving for success. Read more.

Starting a Business in 2021? Read These Expert Tips First

Is your new year’s resolution to start a new business venture? If so, you’ll need insights from business experts to help the journey run smoothly. Members of the online small business community have tips for every aspect, from legal documents to marketing. Read on to prepare for your new business in 2021. Read more.

6 biggest fears to overcome if you want to be successful in 2021, according to a futurist

Research shows the that the biggest barrier to ongoing success isn’t time, money or resources — it’s resistance to change and lack of risk tolerance.

As fast-moving and unpredictable as today’s world is, we’re all forced to adapt on a daily basis. In my years of research as a futurist, I’ve found that fear comes in six flavors. If you shift your perspectives and learn to conquer them, the possibilities will be endless in 2021. Read more.

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