Acceler8Success Cafe Monday 1.4.21

13 Quotes to Inspire You to Try New Things in the New Year

The new year is your chance to start over—a fresh beginning. It’s a good time to set new goals, change old habits and try new things. Because if you don’t get out of your comfort zone, if you aren’t learning and taking risks, you won’t grow. You’ll stay right where you are. Start your new year adventure with inspiration from these quotes. Then go see what’s out there! Read more.

The #1 Thing to Do to Set Yourself Up for a Better Year

Most of us learn to avoid discomfort of all kinds from a very young age and the evading gets perpetuated as we grow into adulthood. As far back as many of us can remember, when we got hurt, our parents would just kiss our boo-boos to immediately make everything okay. When we got into an argument with friends, we were told to say we’re sorry and that all would be forgotten. When we were participating on a sports team, we all got awards, no matter what, just for being there and showing up. Read more.

How to Help a Business Thrive During an Economic Recession

Most entrepreneurs at least partially depend on the state of the economy for their businesses to thrive. During times of high consumer confidence, spending is higher, companies are willing to take more risks and most businesses are able to generate more revenue. But during times of hardship, it’s harder to get financing, revenue dries up and the entrepreneurial environment is more barren.

That said, it’s possible to see an economic downturn (or recessionas an economic opportunity, rather than a detriment. And with the right strategies, you can help your business thrive under these conditions. Read more.

Why Post-Traumatic Growth Could Be the Key to Thriving in 2021

It would be a colossal understatement to say 2020 wasn’t how any of us envisioned the first year of the new decade. The long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still surfacing. It will be months, if not years, before we know how the pandemic impacted not only on our economy and cultural norms, but also our physical and mental health.

Although it’s important to reflect on the negative effects of the pandemic, it’s also worthwhile to consider the potential silver lining. In the wake of traumatic events, many people experience positive psychological change in the form of something called post- traumatic growth. Read more.

10 Predictions From the Past About the Future From Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Clancy, and More

When it comes to reading the proverbial crystal ball in businessInc. has had some wins and some misfires. Here are a few of our best and worst predictions from years past, graded on a scale of A to F. Read more.

Expand Your Knowledge to Help Grow Your Business and Side Hustle in 2021

It’s crucial that entrepreneurs continue to learn and stay engaged with their industry. The more you know, the better able you are to adapt to changes, come up with innovative solutions, and scale your business. But it’s hard to find the time to go to seminars or read books when you’re running a business. Instead, check out some of the many learning resources available online. Read more.

Get Back to Basics with These 10 Small Business Improvement Tips

Running a business can get complicated. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details and forget the basic strategies that got you there. But staying strong in those areas is a must, as members of the online small business community can attest. Read more.

A Message from Acceler8Success Founder, Paul Segreto

At times, it needs to be just about you, and you alone. Think. Meditate. Daydream. Listen to nature. Be sure to make some time for you, at the very least, each weekend ahead of the work week. You and everyone around you will be better for it. Make ‘alone time’ part of your weekly routine in 2021.