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7 Productivity Hacks from 7 Successful Entrepreneurs

Many successful entrepreneurs, including founders of multi-billion dollar companies, got to where they are through a combination of unique idea generation and hard work. Naturally, most of us aspire to achieve something similar—even if we can’t hope to replicate that scale.

That’s one reason why I like to read and discover some of the unique productivity hacks, habits, and behaviors that helped those successful entrepreneurs achieve their status. Read more.

Entrepreneurship is not about sitting around with a laptop and thinking about ideas; it’s about understanding risks and downside.

From law to VC to entrepreneurship, Liat Aaronson, former executive director of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program and co-founder of Horizen Labs, has explored a variety of unique industries and leadership roles throughout her career. Aaronson is an M&A lawyer by trade, and though she loved working through the challenges that the field presented, she soon developed a desire to find a position where she could leave a greater impact. After leaving the legal world, Aaronson joined the Zell Entrepreneurship Program team and helped talented young students transition into the professional world. Aaronson thoroughly enjoyed supporting and learning from the entrepreneurs she worked with and decided to further pursue her passion for entrepreneurship with Horizen Labs. Liat sat down for an interview with 20MinuteLeaders creator Michael Matias and told him about the knowledge she has amassed across various sectors and her plans of using her expertise to grow and scale her business. Read more.

How this 21-year old entrepreneur uses social media to revolutionize your business’ sales.

2020 has been filled with challenges and opportunities alike, with many ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses recognizing the niches begging to be filled with the increasing shift to digital trading and services. Though the demand for connectivity is great, not many of these ideas have the space or foundation to grow and thrive under these conditions. eGrowth Media, a UK based marketing agency, helps many established and developing businesses make the transition to the digital sphere, connecting brands to their audiences and increasing profits through through the effective use of social media tools. Read more.

Facts About Second Round of PPP Loans

First Time PPP Loan Borrower Requirements

Businesses in operation on February 15, 2020; sole proprietors, independent contractors, and other entities with less than 500 employee that qualify for other SBA 7(a) loans

Second Draw Borrower Qualifications

Loans up to $2M; less than 300 employees; have already used the full amount of their first PPP Loan; have experienced a revenue reduction in all or any one quarter of 2020 as compared to same time period in 2019

It should be a simple process but don’t delay or you may miss out. More Info.

What Movies Get Wrong about Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, especially those that might have ambitions to make money but don’t want to take the massive risks that some folks end up taking on a regular basis. But there are several things that the movies tend to get wrong about entrepreneurs that some people happen to think is correct simply because we like to think the worst about those that reach the top sometimes. It’s very true that some of these individuals might have shady pasts and have done a few things that are less than savory in the business sense, and are bereft of the morals that other people claim to value. But the trick here is that in business there are times when morals tend to get in the way when it comes to some folks and the desire to move ahead means cutting out those that might otherwise prove to be a hindrance to a company’s growth. The thing about being an entrepreneur however it doesn’t require a person to be morally bankrupt, and it certainly doesn’t mean that someone is going to be rich overnight. In a lot of ways the movies cut a number of things out and give us the drama and issues that can happen but aren’t always bound to happen. Read more.

A guide to rebuilding your small business for Latino entrepreneurs

The Covid-19 crisis has hit Latino small businesses particularly hard, including not being able to access PPP funding at a similar rate to other business owners. And many individual proprietors or small, family-owned businesses may feel the impact of Covid more directly, as the pandemic has disproportionately impacted the Latino community.

If you’re a Latino entrepreneur or small business owner, know that you’re not alone, and that there are tools, funding, and mentorship available to help you succeed through this crisis. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some essential tools that can help Latino small business owners rebuild and thrive. Read more.

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