Acceler8Success Cafe Monday 3.15.21

How Business Owners Thrive in Uncertain Times Using The 80% Plan (Author: Melanie Benson)

No matter how good an entrepreneur is at planning out their growth steps, sometimes life throws a curve ball. A family illness or death can derail an owner’s focus for months. An unexpected economic downturn such as the 2009 credit debacle can change people’s buying patterns overnight. A launch that was planned meticulously fails, and with that failure a significant financial windfall goes up in smoke. Or, as we saw in 2020, a global pandemic can put the entire world into a tailspin, shutting down in-person experiences and multiple industries for over a year. Read more.

Daily Message From Acceler8Success Founder, Paul Segreto

“I continue to be amazed that some people, and more than you might imagine will go to great lengths to intentionally convince others their ideas or what they’re doing won’t work. Their actions are based upon some deep jealousy or envy that they’re not involved or doing it themselves or even just had the initial ideas or contribution to the same but never acted upon it. Instead of showing support with words of encouragement or helping to champion the ideas on behalf of the friend or colleague or offering another set of eyes and ears should the need occur, they work extra hard to cast negativity, often proactively, almost as a campaign of sorts – yet, still trying to come across as a trusted friend or colleague. I wonder how many fantastic ideas have gone by the wayside as a result of these selfish actions. So, I highly recommend to stay committed to your ideas, believing in your own thought process and thoroughly evaluating opinion, suggestions and recommendations of others, and taking them with a grain of salt or heeding their advice as your gut feeling let’s you know which path to follow. Listen to your initial thoughts and follow your intuition. More importantly, follow your vision and fuel your passion with relentless commitment because that’s what it will take to turn your ideas into successful endeavors. Remember, don’t let anyone take away your dreams.”

12 Resources and Communities Entrepreneurs Should Follow for Industry Insight and Tips (Small Business Trends: The Young Entrepreneur Council)

Staying tuned in to the pulse of your industry is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Public groups, online forums and the like are among the most valuable resources for gathering and contributing industry information. But if someone is looking for in-depth insight into their business niche, locating the right groups where this discussion occurs is the first step. To help you find them, 12 members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) respond to the following question:

“What’s one public-facing online group (e.g. a specific Facebook group, forum, etc.) that you recommend entrepreneurs follow for industry insight, business management tips, growth hacks, etc., and why?”

Things Women Entrepreneurs Need to Do (Author: Meena Ganesh)

Amidst all the challenges and obstacles brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been one positive aspect: a reset – a global one at that. The temporary pause has given the world an opportunity to reflect and deliberate on several things. From observing clearer skies during the lockdown to #BlackLivesMatter, many things that probably were taken for granted in a normal course came to the fore. The other catalysing change during the pandemic has been the acceptance of remote working models, and shift to digital interactions, all of which have brought about a levelling of the business environment – especially for women. Women entrepreneurs have emerged and how with their sheer passion, in-depth understanding of customer needs, and the thirst to excel in what they do.There are certain things which have proven effective over time for successful women entrepreneurs of today and can play a key role in business growth for the emerging leaders across industries. Read more.

Surge of Startups: Entrepreneurs Emerge During Pandemic (Author: Pafoua Yang)

A recent study says Americans started 4.4 million business last year, that’s 24% more than the year before. The New York Times reports the coronavirus crisis may have sparked a boom in U.S. entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial growth is also happening in the northwest suburbs (Minneapolis). Those facing economic downturn and job loss are now becoming their own boss. Read more.

With many individuals, families and corporations relocating to Texas, it’s no wonder Texas continues to be a hotbed for entrepreneurship and business ownership. If you’re interested in exploring the business landscape and opportunities within the Lone Star State, please contact Franchise Foundry for a complimentary consultation. Text “TEXAS” to (832) 797-9851 or send an email to

How Two Female Entrepreneurs Managed To Grow Their Business During Covid-19 (Author: Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo)

Between 1997 and 2017, the number of women-owned businesses increased by 114%, a rate 2.5 times higher than the national average. Although women-owned firms represent 39% of all companies, they’re responsible for only 8% of employment and 4% of revenues. This is particularly noteworthy given the recent report, which stated 140K job losses for women this past December due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For many women, having transversal skills and an entrepreneurial mind can help keep them employed and enable the further advancement of increasing the number of females in leadership roles. Read more.