Acceler8Success Cafe March 17, 2021

Do These 7 Things to Get (and Stay) Motivated

How do you stay motivated and inspired? How can you keep your passion, your excitement, fired up? First things first… Make a decision to go all the way to the top. Up to now, you’ve thought about it. Up to now, it’s passed your mind. But now make up your mind to go all the way to the top, and your life will take off. It’s the most extraordinary thing.

Your life is like a shadow going up the dark side of a hill—until the moment you decide that “I’m going to be the best at what I do.” And suddenly you rise into the sunshine, and your life is forever after different—wonderful. Get serious. Don’t fool around anymore. Read more at

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Daily Message from Acceler8Success Founder, Paul Segreto

Again and again, I learn about someone who had committed suicide. As always the case, it finds me thinking about what may have been going through that person’s mind.

Personally, I can only imagine the ‘noise’ being experienced without being able to control the volume either to drown it out or to hear it better. It’s like what we’ve all done at one time or another… turning up the volume on the car radio when hearing a noise that wouldn’t go away or that couldn’t be identified or when turning up the volume was just to hear something more clearly, and at times, just because a certain song was playing — sometimes stirring up memories. There could be other reasons.

There are also times the volume is cranked up to ‘disappear’ into deep, personal thought, essentially, to just get lost in the moment. However, turning up the volume could possibly be a form of denial akin to putting one’s head in the sand. Isn’t it interesting that similar actions are done for various reasons and possibly, for different results? Yet, the action taken is often done impulsively without nary a thought as to the action being taken and certainly with no thought as to the consequences thereafter.

Here is a quote about suicide from an episode of Yellowstone as John Dutton tries to reason with his son, Jamie who is sitting alone in a field with a gun in his hand…

John Dutton : “You know the thing about suicide, you don’t just kill yourself. You kill every memory of you. This’ll be all everyone remembers, Jamie. Every second you spent on this earth will be reduced to how you chose to leave it.
Ultimately, how do we help others to help them think through what it is that’s on their minds before it’s too late? How do we help others toward better mental health, a necessity for better decision-making and in understanding and managing emotions? Of course, I really don’t know. It’s just hard to grasp the why in these situations. It’s all difficult to comprehend.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1–800–273–8255

How to Start a Business in 2021 Debt-Free

Everyone associates entrepreneurship with hard work and oftentimes, debt. For many small business owners just starting out, this is probably the case. While hard work may be unavoidable, there is a funding solution that can help ease financial burdens.

What’s the solution? In a word, ROBS. So, what Is ROBS Funding?

It’s a common misconception that you can only use your retirement funds to purchase investments like publicly traded stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. In reality, you can use most retirement plans to buy a business—tax-deferred and penalty-free.

Known as a ROBS (Rollover as Business Start-ups) strategy, this funding solution is designed using long-standing provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) which allows entrepreneurs to use money from a qualified retirement plan to purchase or recapitalize a business. This program is similar to buying stock in a public company, except instead you’re investing in your own privately held company. Read more at

How to See Beyond Your Past When Creating a Business

I see Ava Johanna, a spiritual business coach and meditation coach, on the other side of my Zoom screen. She looks like Malibu Barbie and has a charming, purposeful glow. As we begin our interview, her husband pops in and asks if she’d like a sandwich. She peers up and says, “Just a half one.”

The ease with which she accepts the sandwich is simple yet poignant enough to make me think about her core message: Everything we desire is possible, as long as we’re open to receiving the abundance that the universe is willing and eager to give us. Johanna and her husband manifested their dream home just a few days before our interview. This is a huge milestone for anyone but for Johanna, having a near oceanside home is even more meaningful. Some 15 years ago, Johanna was living in Los Angeles in a completely different dimension. She was homeless. At age 16, Johanna and her family were evicted from their house, their car was repossessed, and they bounced from friend’s house to friend’s house for over 18 months in the Calabasas/Agoura area. Read more at

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love, then make that day count!” – Steve Maraboli, ‘Life, the Truth, and Being Free’

Texas Led Nation in Economic Development Wins in 2020, According to Site Selection

Texas continues to dominate the nation when it comes to total economic development project wins, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Lone Star State took the top spot for the ninth year in a row on Site Selection Magazine’s list of best performing states for economic development by total number of projects. That’s earned Texas the publication’s Governor’s Cup award once again. 

Texas logged 781 projects in 2020, down from 859 qualifying projects the year before but still more than any other state as the U.S. grappled with the effects of the pandemic. Read more at

With many individuals, families and corporations relocating to Texas, it’s no wonder Texas is a hotbed for entrepreneurship and business ownership. If you’re interested in exploring the business landscape and opportunities within the Lone Star State, please contact us for a complimentary consultation. Text “TEXAS” to (832) 797-9851 or send an email to

A Simple Trick to Boost Your Productivity

Prioritizing is essential to success and happiness, but systems for prioritizing can be convoluted. Just using the system can suck away energy from actually getting things done.

Here’s a simple way to prioritize: Of all the things you currently have the energy for, do the thing you’re normally least likely to do. Read more at