Acceler8Success Cafe Wednesday 3.31.21

Why Startups Need To Value Diversity More

Today you hear a lot about diversity in the workplace. California passed a law that requires companies based there to have board representation from underrepresented communities. Nike recently announced diversity targets and tied executive compensation to it. 

The data speaks for itself. Businesses that have diverse workforces and management outperform their peers in almost every business metric

Yet for startups, who are focused on product market fit and generating revenue, a diverse workplace hasn’t been a priority. According to Silicon Valley Bank, only 26% of startups are making deliberate efforts to improve diversity among their leadership teams. 

This, however, is an opportunity for startups to improve their businesses. Here are three perspectives on startup diversity from three experts that explain both how and why startups should value diversity. Read more at

How to Become a Successful Social Entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurship can create lasting and significant social change. HubSpot defines social entrepreneurship as the combination of commerce with social issues. While this is simplistic, it’s best considered as a hybrid of governmental intervention and pure business, focusing on issues that aren’t significant enough to attract private capital. Social entrepreneurship is more about bringing change to the world in a real way, usually using money and technology to make people’s lives better. Millions of individuals worldwide have benefitted from social entrepreneurship schemes, some of them indirectly.

Unlike typical businesses, social entrepreneurship doesn’t seek to enrich its investors or owners (at least not primarily). Most of these enterprises are dedicated to providing help to a specific group of people and increasing their standard of living as a result. The most typical social entrepreneurship beneficiaries are marginalized and socio-economically deprived communities that need all the help they can get. Read more at

Are Franchises The New Startups? These Small Business Ideas Might Convince You!

Microsoft. Apple. Amazon. Burger King. FedEx. Hyatt. All of these companies were started in a recession.

The intrepid founders of these businesses, each of whom has built a world renowned brand, didn’t tuck in their entrepreneurial spirit and settle for an unsatisfying career. They made the best out of their available resources to turn a difficult climate into a profitable enterprise and a meaningful career.

But entrepreneurship isn’t limited to the startup realm.

You don’t have to wear a hoodie, slam energy drinks and launch your company out of a garage to earn that label. Business ownership in any form is a risk, and that’s precisely what defines an entrepreneur. Someone who exploits business opportunities in the face of uncertainty.

Is it possible that franchises are the new startups? We can’t prove that with data. But here’s our theory on the matter, along with a few small business ideas to back it up. Read more at

Are you ready to own your own business?

Are you thinking of going into business for yourself and learning how the choice of a franchise can “jump-start” the process and your earning potential? Well, Franchise Foundry can help. Working with in-house franchise professionals you will work one-on-one in determining if you’re right for franchising and whether it is right for you. If you determine that franchising is a path to consider, you will be introduced to various industry segments and ultimately, brands that could be a “right-fit” situation . . . all to help ensure your future success! Learn more at

4 Key Points To Consider When Buying A Franchise During Covid Times

Starting a business is always risky, and perhaps never has it been more fraught with peril than during these rocky and still uncertain economic times brought on by Covid-19.

But multi-unit franchisees know that franchising offers more built-in security. The product or service is already proven and people are aware of the brand. The franchisor has already done much of the legwork, implementing the marketing and systems. A corporate team stands behind you for support, training, business development, and to help with any issues that come up.

There have been a good number of success stories among franchise owners during the pandemic, and those successes inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Others may simply want to try something new, impacting more people and creating more revenue. While much economic uncertainty lies ahead for the nation even as vaccines are distributed, you can bet more people will be investing in franchises. Read more at

Build an Empire with Empire Business Brokers!

Small business and restaurant resales are on the rise making it an excellent time to consider owning your own Empire Business Broker office. Empire offers:

– Executive business opportunity
– Low initial investment from $25k
– Multiple profit centers
– Excellent commissions
– Growing database of buyers, businesses & franchises
– Initial training, marketing assistance and on-going support
– Network of 70+ offices throughout the U.S. and abroad
– Excellent markets available
– Brand founded in 1981

For more information please text EBB2021 to (832) 797-9851 or inquire at

What To Know About Purchasing An Existing Franchise

There are many basic considerations to take into account when you’re thinking about joining a franchise system. They include factors such as industry, location, financing and the ability to grow the business in the future. One other major decision is whether to purchase a new franchise location or one that’s being resold.

Some people prefer to invest in a new franchise location because they want to have their fingerprints all over the entire operation from day one. Others like the built-in customer base and group of employees that are already in place with an existing franchise. Both approaches have their positives and negatives, and it is important that franchise candidates know the difference between the two and how to do the proper research.

Resales are a normal part of the franchise lifecycle. Franchise owners come and go, and nobody owns a business forever. There are more than 700,000 franchise establishments in the United States today, so there are bound to be a significant number of resales each year. From what I’ve seen, if a mature franchise has regular resales constituting 10% of the system, that is typically a sign of health. Read more at

Connecting the Right Brands, People & Opportunities!

Why 2021 is the year to start your small business

A common question many hopeful, yet hesitant, entrepreneurs ask me concerns timing. “Should I put my idea into action now, or would it be better to wait?”

The answer: As long as you’re excited and prepared, this is a uniquely ideal year to launch. The best businesses to start in 2021 include everything from e-commerce to personal fitness training to pop-up dining establishments.

It is firmly believed that 2021 will be a yearlong springtime for small businesses. With intense hardships receding into the past, passionate new entrepreneurs are ready to burst onto the scene. Read more at

A Message from Acceler8Success Founder, Paul Segreto: Franchises are Also Owned by Moms & Pops and Families

Too often, the basis of franchising is misunderstood by customers. It seems to be even more so during times of celebrating or promoting small business in buy small, buy local campaigns.

Well, many franchises are owned by Moms & Pops and families throughout the country. Whether on Main Street or on a shopping center pad site or out on the highway, many businesses, and especially restaurants are owned by individuals and families who have invested their life savings for the American Dream of business ownership. They’ve just chosen a business model, franchising, that they felt was best suited for them. Of course, there are pros & cons with any option but the bottom line is this…

These businesses and restaurants are owned & operated by individuals from most every walk of life. Their money is hard-earned and just as green as that of any business owner. They have similar challenges. They have similar concerns. And, their clocks show the same time in the middle of the night when they can’t sleep due to worry and uncertainty. So please, do buy small, do buy local and without hesitation, please do buy franchise!

How to Start a Business in 2021 Debt-Free

Everyone associates entrepreneurship with hard work and oftentimes, debt. For many small business owners just starting out, this is probably the case. While hard work may be unavoidable, there is a funding solution that can help ease financial burdens.

What’s the solution? In a word, ROBS. So, what Is ROBS Funding?

It’s a common misconception that you can only use your retirement funds to purchase investments like publicly traded stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. In reality, you can use most retirement plans to buy a business—tax-deferred and penalty-free.

Known as a ROBS (Rollover as Business Start-ups) strategy, this funding solution is designed using long-standing provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) which allows entrepreneurs to use money from a qualified retirement plan to purchase or recapitalize a business. This program is similar to buying stock in a public company, except instead you’re investing in your own privately held company. Read more at