Build Upon Change for Short and Long-term Success

Change is the New Normal. How are you currently handling it? How will you handle it moving forward? In the past, leaders predicted threats and planned responses with a risk-management strategy. Today, however, the nature of risk itself is different… It’s right upon us! 

The changes you’re implementing today to survive will continue to be necessary through recovery. Most likely, they will be key to your future success as customers and clients will become accustomed to the changes and look for them to continue even if it means the changes are to run alongside standard operations. For example, think about current focus on take-out & delivery in the restaurant industry. Customers will expect this to continue long after standard operations resume. Actually, it will help businesses to recover faster provided processes are perfected and improvements are made along the way, as opposed to current efforts being considered a temporary solution for the times. 

Despite being in survival mode, business must be thinking about the next steps, the next phase to recovery lest they fall short and lose the war despite winning battles along the way. In a world of constant change, non-adaptive behavior is a killer problem. 

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