The Path Ahead

Sometimes we can barely see across short distances such as is often the case with early morning fog. However, if we’re pointed in the right direction, having positioned ourselves just right, we’re aware of what lies ahead.

Whether it be from past experience, or by following a detailed map, or even by using our senses to realize points of reference, we must trust we’re moving in the right direction. Often, intuition kicks in prompting us to make slight changes in direction. We must trust that gut feeling and act accordingly — but we must prevent from wandering aimlessly off track and into the unknown.

Much can be said about life as a journey. It’s mostly clear sailing with occasional storms that can be navigated with minimal, yet steady effort. Until, of course, we’re faced with a category 8 hurricane or F5 tornado when just surviving becomes our primary goal.

We must have unwavering confidence in our plans and also in our abilities. We must listen to our intuition. We must make changes swiftly and decisively. We must make it happen. We must make it count!

“Confidence is something you create when you believe in yourself.” – Anonymous

7 Ways to Find the Right Direction in Life