Weekly Review June 12-18

First and foremost, Happy Father’s Day!

To all fathers who fulfill their responsibilities as a parent and are always there for their children, thank you.

To all grandmothers & grandfathers that help to raise their grandchildren, thank you.

To all stepfathers who treat their wives’ children as their own, thank you.

To all relatives & friends who have taken on the father-figure role in a child’s life, thank you.

To all mothers doing it all alone on behalf of a child, thank you.

To all of the above, today is for you… Thank you!

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Sundays at Acceler8Success Cafe

Sundays at Acceler8Success Cafe is the time for looking back over the past week. It’s a time for review as with so much going on at Acceler8Success Cafe I know it’s easy to miss a newsletter or two. Possibly my Question of the Week slipped by without you noticing, or an announcement I may have made just seemingly got lost amongst the busy news feed.

Just like an experience at your local cafe, I really want Acceler8Success Cafe to be conveniently located when you desire or need to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, and catch up on some reading. My goal is for Acceler8Success Cafe to be your virtual cafe. A place where you may frequently visit to enjoy a few minutes to yourself. I’d like the experience to be memorable by providing learning opportunities, by presenting a different perspective & insight, by spurring thought & reflection, by encouraging interaction, and by spotlighting topics that, frankly, may not be as front and center as they should or need to be.

Acceler8Success Cafe is open for business seven days a week. For the benefit of current & aspiring entrepreneurs, this daily newsletter is delivered each morning. As a way to jumpstart the week ahead, a weekly review is delivered each Sunday morning listing and linking to the articles you might have missed during the previous week. My goal is to provide an opportunity for you to begin the new week informed and with ideas that possibly could accelerate your success.

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Are franchisees responsible for their own success or failure, and are franchisees entrepreneurs?

A while back I had posted a question on LinkedIn, “Are Franchisees personally responsible for their own success or failure?” In today’s Acceler8Success Cafe newsletter, I’ve listed several of the responses from a cross-section of professionals that I believe provide some very interesting perspectives. I’ve also asked whether franchisees are entrepreneurs. Thanking you in advance for your perspective on both questions.

Flag Day 2022

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On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, we honored Flag Day, the annual holiday that celebrates the symbolism and history behind the American flag each year.

Sales Success by the Numbers

I’m often asked to help salespeople succeed. Whether in business or franchise brokerage, or in any professional sales setting, the fundamentals are essentially the same. Listed within today’s newsletter are various points I make in a typical sales training workshop including 30 Rules of Sales Success and 5 Degrees of Failing followed by two sets of questions about why salespeople fail and whether you were born to sell.

Inspiration vs Motivation

Is there a difference between inspiration and motivation? Yes, I know there is. But does it matter when in the moment of being inspired and/or motivated?

Question of the Week: What inspires and motivates you?

When does the New Normal shift to the Here & Now?

Are current problems experienced by business owners recurring over and over again because they’re being addressed from the perspective of how things were done prior to the pandemic as opposed to addressing things based upon what really has become a changed business environment? Has the new norm ended and instead of evolving, key parts of the business have changed almost overnight? Will moving forward be based upon reacting to recurring issues, or should a proactive approach be taken to address what has clearly become the here and now, the way it is… now?

Entrepreneurial Success: Perception or Reality?

Considering the popularity of TV reality shows like Shark Tank, The Profit and Undercover Boss along with series like Billions and Succession and how business moguls (entrepreneurs) are depicted in the movies, it’s easy to realize how entrepreneurs in general have been stereotyped into the minds of many considering entrepreneurship today. But is it doing more harm than good?

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“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha

If for nothing else but to maintain one’s own mental health, it’s worth heeding this advice.

Have a great day (and week ahead). Make it happen. Make it count!