Weekly Review June 19-25

Sundays are a time for review at Acceler8Success Cafe. With so much going on at Acceler8Success Cafe I know it’s easy to miss a newsletter or two. Possibly the week flew by without you noticing one our daily newsletter that seemingly got lost amongst the busy news feed.

Just like an experience at your local cafe, I really want Acceler8Success Cafe to be conveniently located when you desire or need to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, and catch up on some reading. My goal is for Acceler8Success Cafe to be your virtual cafe. A place where you may frequently visit to enjoy a few minutes to yourself.

I’d like the experience to be memorable by providing learning opportunities, by presenting a different perspective & insight, by spurring thought & reflection, by encouraging interaction, and by spotlighting topics that, frankly, may not be as front and center as they should or need to be.

Acceler8Success Cafe is open for business seven days a week. For the benefit of current & aspiring entrepreneurs, this daily newsletter is delivered each morning. As a way to jumpstart the week ahead, a weekly review is delivered each Sunday morning listing and linking to the articles you might have missed during the previous week. My objective is to provide an opportunity for you to begin the new week informed and with ideas that possibly could accelerate your success.

Welcome to the Sunday ‘Weekly Review Edition’ of Acceler8Success Cafe!

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Visualize Your Dreams to Reality

It’s good to dream. It’s essential to our well-being. Dreams are inspiring as they enable us to see what we might not see otherwise. Walt Disney said, if you can dream it, you can do it.

The Entrepreneur’s Creed

As I researched The Entrepreneur’s Creed by Thomas Paine, I find it interesting to see things coming full circle since 1776 when he authored two influential pieces for the time. It’ll be even more interesting to see if the next 250 years will parallel American History. Freedom. Independence. Entrepreneurship. The combination of the three… What a novel idea!

What is an entrepreneurial community?

In order for an entrepreneurial community to thrive and grow, there must be local resources for entrepreneurs including banks and local professional services providers. The local government must be pro-business and not look to stall growth. There must also be an aggressive residential development plan with the entrepreneurial community helping to attract families to the area. The same is true to attract companies and startups alike.

Frustrated Entrepreneur: Why go on?

We know the quote all too well – “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again – but Expecting Different Results.” So, why go on if that seems to be more and more the case, and one that causes such extreme frustration?

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Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative

The challenges for entrepreneurs in general are great. The challenges for Hispanic entrepreneurs are even greater. And there isn’t just one “Hispanic” entrepreneur – there are entrepreneurs from various countries that face some of the same – but some different – challenges and opportunities.

How do you define entrepreneurship?

A while back on LinkedIn, I asked the question, “How do you define entrepreneurship?” To my surprise the discussion was quite vibrant as there were numerous responses, a few exchanges for further clarification, numerous likes, and really some great perspective into entrepreneurship. In today’s Acceler8Success Cafe newsletter please find some of the responses; unedited, I might add. I’ve kept the quotes anonymous (to protect the innocent – LOL).

Have a great day (and week ahead). Make it happen. Make it count!

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