Top 5 Stories of Q2 at Acceler8Success Cafe

As we prepare for a long holiday weekend, we’re faced with the reality that the second quarter of 2022 ends today. Some will take the next 3-4 days off to relax, enjoy time with friends & family, and celebrate our Nation’s birthday. Others will take the time to reflect on this past quarter and the past six months. Have goals been met? Have plans been put into place for a successful third quarter and to wrap up the year on a high note? What needs to change moving forward?

I’ve developed Acceler8Success Cafe to help current and aspiring entrepreneurs succeed. I’m dedicated to entrepreneurial success at all levels. Whether to help others achieve work/life balance or to just be there to help someone pull out of a tailspin, my goal for Acceler8Success Cafe remains… to be a resource, on LinkedIn and across various social media to share information, to educate, and to provide an opportunity for interaction. Since launching Acceler8Success Cafe, significant progress has been made toward this goal. The number of subscribers is up. Interaction is increasing. And the number of views for each article continues to rise. Thank you for helping to make it so!

Top 5 Stories of Q2

5. Multi-unit Ownership: Is it Right for You?

At the time I wrote this article, the Multi-unit Franchising Conference was right around the corner (3/29-4/1 in Las Vegas). Individuals planning to attend were already involved in franchising as single-unit operators while others were already operating as multi-unit franchise owners or area developers. They would be attending to explore (or continue to explore) the world of multi-unit ownership. But how would they know if multi-unit ownership was [really] right for them.?

The article listed questions that would be of interest to multi-unit candidates (and current multi-unit operators) and that should be answered before taking the plunge or next steps. I believe these are the same questions franchisors should insist individuals know the answers before awarding them a multi-unit package to current franchisees desiring to open additional locations, and the same questions for multi-unit operators desiring an additional multi-unit or area development deal. I firmly believe this to be true for those interested in multi-branding… but with a plethora of additional questions, as well.

4. Happy Easter!

Interestingly, this article came made it into the top 5 of articles viewed. I believe this to be a testament to the spiritual sense many need and desire. I strongly feel it also indicated it was a feel-good time and a break from the day-to-day grind.

I wished everyone a beautiful Easter Sunday filled with happiness, love, and faith. I expressed my hope and wishes readers would feel the love of God on that blessed day.

3. This Thing Called Life…

Definitely an article to cause people to pause, and reflect upon, this article generated more personal messages to me of thanks for sharing this article once again. After all, it was back in 2009 while in the midst of an uncertain economy, and a few times thereafter, that I have shared this article and inspirational video. Almost every time that I’ve done so, I’ve heard from individuals thanking me and letting me know that it had helped them cope with difficult times.

I went on to share how I had recently heard from someone who reminded me of the original post and how much it meant to him back then and how he often refers to it when facing a current challenge. It made me think about how it might help others today as we’re once again experiencing economic uncertainty. I expressed my thoughts about sharing it once again with hope that it may help a few more that may need some inspiration and hope that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

2. What is an entrepreneur? It’s a matter of personal experience & perspective.

In this article, I addressed the age-old question of, what is an entrepreneur? I shared some of the questions I had asked over the years in various LinkedIn groups and podcast interviews, and also in impromptu interactions. As such, I shared some of the insights and perspective from a wide cross-section of individuals (entrepreneurs, corporate executives, small business owners, and even a number of restaurant servers, retail clerks, construction workers, and high school & college students).

This article generated more interactivity than most other articles. I believe it’s proof there’s a great deal of interest in entrepreneurship and also, that entrepreneurship is still a mystery to some (or possibly, to most).

1. Sorry. Your Application Has Been Rejected!

By a wide margin, this article garnered the number one spot of the most viewed articles at Acceler8Success Cafe. But why?

I posed the question (and scenario) that despite being financially qualified and with a proven track record of success, was it possible for franchise candidates to be rejected for not being a “right fit” for a brand? But that was within the article itself, not the title.

So, was the extreme interest in this article driven by the negative statement about an application being rejected? I do think that was the case. It may be a case of what I refer to as “social rubber-necking,” a need-to-know situation akin to slowing down to see the wreck on the other side of the highway.

Here’s to a strong Q3. Make it happen. Make it count!

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