Building an Online Community with Common Goals and Objectives

I think I hit a nerve yesterday, or maybe just poked a sleeping bear as I’ve had a number of people reach out to me, anxious to share their perspective on what it would take to work through current economic uncertainty, and most likely, through a recession. What really encouraged me was their positivity – across the board!

All have already begun developing strategies and deploying action plans; ones that are already seeing positive results from staff involvement to a slight sales increase. They were all quite optimistic that, we can do this, we got this. I certainly did not anticipate such optimism when I published yesterday’s article, but I’m definitely encouraged by the responses. More so, I’m intrigued by their desire to share their experiences.

You see, it wasn’t a nerve that I hit, or a bear that I poked. Instead, it was providing a vehicle, a platform where ideas and results could be shared in a positive manner. It felt almost contagious. Interestingly, the interaction was for the most part, directly with me by LinkedIn message, email and in one case, by text. Mostly, the remarks shared through the newsletter’s comments section were niceties – nice share, good stuff, great questions. A few did mention that it was good reminder to be an eagle rather than a duck.

But why contact me directly? Why not just post comments in the section provided at the bottom of the article?

Personally, it was due to what I believe is wrong with social media. Well, one of the things. If comments are shared in social media, and yes, LinkedIn is part of social media, those posting, and commenting run the risk of having to defend their position. Or possibly, just get bombarded by naysayers who could care less about hearing any defense or clarification.

I strongly believe those that contacted me directly wanted more than to just share their thoughts. They wanted interaction. They also wanted validation their actions were correct. As well, I believe a few wanted a pat on the back and an attaboy! But I felt there was even more to it – they were all excited to share their experience. That, in and of itself, made me proud of the effort I’m putting forward with the Acceler8Success Cafe platform.

There’s a long way to go to achieving my goals for the Acceler8Success Cafe newsletter on LinkedIn, as well as for other Acceler8Success Cafe projects, but I’m excited to be making progress. Good progress. And especially since I’ve committed to sharing articles and other information each day.

Just like an experience at your local cafe, my long-term goal for Acceler8Success Cafe is to be your virtual cafe. A place of community. A place where you may frequently visit to enjoy a few minutes to yourself to be conveniently located when you desire or need to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, and catch up on some reading.

And a place where you can turn to others going through similar challenges. A place where you will not be judged or intimidated. A place where you can learn from the experience of others that have been there and done that. A place where you can also help others!

I’d like the experience to be memorable by providing learning opportunities, by presenting a different perspective & insight, by spurring thought & reflection, by encouraging interaction, and by spotlighting topics that, frankly, may not be as front and center as they should or need to be.

You’re making it worth the effort, and I appreciate that. I also appreciate how the newsletter is being shared and the number of subscribers increases every day. For that, I’m honored and proud to keep moving forward, knowing that I may be helping someone or making a difference in someone’s life by continuing to build Acceler8Success Cafe.

To that end, I look forward to your comments, ideas and perspective as together, we strive to succeed. Thank you!

Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!