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So, before we jump into this week’s review, how about starting today with a smile? A positive thought? Your happy place? A tug at the child in you? And what better way than doing so with Charlie Brown & the Peanuts Gang at the beach?

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Adapt to Survive. Adapt to Succeed!

Over the weekend, I was reflecting upon how things have changed and disrupted business, and life as we knew it. Buzz words were thrown around, probably more so than for anything else except to give reason to necessary changes; the same changes that were needed to be made in order to adapt to a changing business world.

Ultimately, not adapting was reason for error, and for failure. But to some, it was “okay” because there was [false] justification – the pandemic. At other times, false justification includes a plethora of reasons, well, excuses. Hey, I’ve found myself falling into that trap at times, especially when others get in your ear as a way of justifying their own actions or inactions. Of course, some are just flat-out negative.

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Is NOW a good time to start a business?

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked of late is whether it’s a good time to start a business. I believe there are two answers to this question.

My first response is addressed from the perspective of the person asking the question. It’s actually about asking questions of that person that determines whether business ownership is right for them, regardless of what’s going on in the world at a particular time.

First, I ask about why they’re interested in starting a business. I ask them to share with me their goals, experience and skillset. The next set of questions have to do with the capital they have available, their ability to secure additional capital, their adversity to risk, and of course, whether they’re replacing their primary source of income. I also inquire if they’re going to have a partner.

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Is Franchising the Right Way to Grow Your Restaurant Business?

Another question I am being asked quite a bit of late is about whether franchising is the right way to grow a restaurant business. It’s certainly good to see restaurant operators and other business owners proactively planning for the long-term. Preparing to franchise a restaurant or any business for that matter, is a good project to undertake even if franchising turns out not to be in the cards, for whatever reason. A lot can be learned from the process itself.

It was this objective of being well informed regardless of whether franchising was the right strategy or not that I had on my mind when I was asked to conduct a seminar for RestaurantOwner.com five years ago. It’s no secret that many restaurant operators have aspirations of seeing their concept grow across a state or even across the country. Most think about franchising as the vehicle to accomplish their goals for all the obvious reasons. But is franchising right for them personally? Is their business positioned correctly for franchising? And is franchising the right or only path for growth?

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Is Franchising the Right Way to Grow Your Restaurant Business? (Part 2)

Today, I’ll be sharing Part 2 of the article, Is Franchising the Right Way to Grow Your Restaurant Business? An article that was based upon a webinar of the same title that I presented at RestaurantOwner.com approximately five years ago.

A restaurant operator knows the time is right to franchise his concept, ideally, after duplicating profitability and customer engagement at several locations. That proves systems and processes are working without the restaurateur being on the premises.

Slightly less than ideal, but certainly doable, Segreto continues, is having a single, highly successful location that runs like a well-oiled machine even when the owner is not on site. That said, the time can also be right when the restaurant owner wants to help others follow his vision to success, knowing that the business now is franchising as opposed to foodservice.

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Revisiting ‘The New Normal’ for Restaurants

Two and a half years ago, mandated lockdowns pushed restaurants (and other businesses) to shift, pivot or whatever you prefer to call it – just to survive. Sales plummeted almost overnight as dining rooms shut down, forcing restaurant operators to either think outside the box or close temporarily, if not permanently.

At that time, based upon consulting with a number of restaurants facing very desperate situations, I wrote an article, The New Normal that I’m proud to say was picked up by several restaurant and franchise industry publications. The New Normal was the foundation of an aggressive strategic plan we had developed to help restaurants quickly and cost-effectively.

Today, as restaurants (and other businesses) are again facing challenging times, I’ve been revisiting the strategy. We’ve reintroduced it to several of our clients who are quickly seeing positive results. The questions that I’m being asked by these operators is, why didn’t we continue with these good practices all along – why did we stop?

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How did we get here?

Over the years, many of us had moved out of major U.S. cities; the very same ones that are now under attack. These cities will most likely never be the same as they were before buildings were vandalized and burned, monuments toppled, defaced and in some cases, desecrated. Neighborhoods are being destroyed. 

Crime is rampant. There are shootings and stabbings in the streets, in broad daylight. Vicious crime is indescribable to anyone with the least feelings possible as a growing number of thugs and gangs have exhibited no regard for human life. Drugs. Homelessness. Filth. And a lot of frightened citizens whose personal dreams are being shattered by the day.

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