“Just One More”​ as a Business Strategy

Simple, yet impactful words – “just one more…”

But before we jump into how to utilize these powerful words as the basis of a business strategy, we should take a look at how the phrase is being used, and therefore how it is or may be understood by others.

“Just One More” Definitions & Meanings (implied or otherwise)

How many times have you said or thought, just one more chip, or just one more minute of sleep? Whether for an additional indulgence, or as procrastination, “just one more” is a unique phrase that often has negative connotations.

Interestingly, it is something we say to ourselves quite often. Sometimes we’re conscious of saying it, delivering the words in a deliberate manner. But often it’s just a subliminal thought. At times, the phrase is used as an excuse or as a point of reason – If only I had just one, just one more chance, just one more opportunity.

Urban Dictionary defines the phrase: As many more (times, items, etc.) as it takes to achieve a satisfactory result. This phrase may be repeated an arbitrary number of times. For instance:

(guys playing a video game) A: Come on, it’s my turn! B: Just one more time… (game over) B: Wait, just one more time… (repeat x times)

Urban Dictionary even identifies “just one more” as a syndrome!

When a person is playing a video game and the person is unable to stop playing. They continue to play and think they will stop playing after they complete the level and when they do complete the level they just think they’ll stop after they complete the next one and so on. The gamer will continue to play despite needing to do other things such as: socializing, doing jobs, going to work, going to the bathroom, sleeping, eating and anything else. In more severe cases of just one more level syndrome people will waste away and die. While they play they will continually think they will stop playing once the level is complete.

“Just one more” could even be used as a threat or warning. For example: Do that to me just one more time and see what happens!

The phrase has even been included in or as song titles. A song by great country singer, George Jones, Just One More may be the best at defining a meaning of “just one more” per these lyrics: Just remembering that you are gone. Well, one more drink of wine. Then if you’re still on my mind. One drink, just one more and then another.

“Just One More” as Motivational and/or as a Strategy

Of course, “just one more” can be viewed in a positive light as a motivational push. For example: Just one more mile when training for a marathon, just one more rep in the gym could help achieve physical goals the same as a “just one more” philosophy could lend toward achieving other goals. Just one more hour on this report, just one more chapter, etc.

In a recent article at Acceler8Success Cafe, 6 Ways to Drive Restaurant Sales and Repeat Sales in Bad Times (and in Good Times), I identified, “just one more” as a strategy to increase sales. I wrote:

Just one more. I’m a firm believer in, just one more. Just one more item ordered. Just one more visit by a customer each week, month, etc. Just one more positive review. Just one more referral or recommendation. Just one more time to consider the restaurant. When enhancing the experience with a personal touch, just one more becomes a reality. People trust a brand but desire to do business with people. They especially want to do business with people who care, who are kind, who listen, and who go the extra mile.

There was an interesting article in the Harvard Business Journal back in 2009 (another time of economic uncertainty) with the title, The “Just One More” Solution. Here is an excerpt from that article:

Make one more connection to a customer. Many customers are not buying. Do not let that dissuade you from reaching out and meeting with them. Those who stay close to their customers today will be those who reap the benefits tomorrow.

Make one more attempt to sell an idea upstairs. Tough times are great times to pitch new ideas. Some bosses are naturally resistant to change. But you can make an extra effort to demonstrate the benefits of your great ideas. Be certain to argue the business case. Use the downturn to reinforce your salient propositions.

Make one more effort to engage your employees in the challenges facing your business. Listen to what they are telling you. Learn from what they share with you. Find ways to put some of their ideas into play. Not everything an employee suggests is golden but you demonstrate a willingness to learn if you listen.

And finally, think about what you can do more of in your own job, your own function, and in your own business.

Doing all of these “one more’s” is no guarantee. You or your business may not be viable in today’s tough economic times. Hanging tough might help in an endurance race, but it will not generate new clients or new business if your offerings are not competitive.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity,” said famed aviator, Amelia Earhart. “The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do.” Tenacity will pay dividends. Perhaps not immediately, but over time it will. Those employees and managers who exercise tenacity today will be those who have earned their resilience. That will hold them in good stead now and in the future.

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