Is acceptance necessary for an entrepreneur?

I always think about the thoughts that others may have had in their minds as they’ve paired a particular image and quote and shared it on social media. I know that I most likely take a longer look than most as I attempt to formulate in my own mind the reasons that I would personally share an image with a quote. Or would it be a quote to an image?

In any event, it’s the thought process that I love. Especially how it may relate to my current mindset. Even more so after a recent coaching session with a client, or as I may be thinking about challenges of the times and how our clients may be affected.

Coming across one this morning, it took me down a proverbial rabbit hole — one that really had me associating it with work we’re currently doing with both current and aspiring entrepreneurs. Although, it was not my intent to focus on work this morning. It just seemed to happen. I’ll just chalk it up to my passion for entrepreneurial success at all levels.

So many thoughts come to mind as I view this graphic. Especially as I reflect upon the person who I see as an entrepreneur standing at the edge of a cliff. I see the solace, maybe even loneliness of an entrepreneur with his or her dreams seemingly within reach… yet, just out of reach.

Is the entrepreneur standing on earth in the shadows of his or her dreams, or is the entrepreneur in some distant place looking back at earth, and at reality?

An entrepreneur’s dreams, some brighter than others, are almost like spotlights that enable the entrepreneur to visualize things from different perspectives, spurring ideas and creativity in an entrepreneur’s mind. Or possibly, the various areas, both bright and dark may also represent wishes as well as hopes — rounding out the wishes, hopes & dreams trifecta.

Honestly, I didn’t see the quote until well after I had interpreted the image alongside the quote. When I did, it immediately took me to what I believe was a different path than what the person who had originally shared the graphic had intended. I’m certain of that, but my mind was already focused on entrepreneurship and the challenges being faced by entrepreneurs today.

So, I interpreted the quote along the same lines as I had the image. As such, I saw it as a reference to the acceptance of the entrepreneur’s ideas by others including investors, stakeholders, and even fellow entrepreneurs.

But as I continued to give it thought, I also interpreted it as a message addressing the introverted attitude of many entrepreneurs whose laser-focused approach to their work is seemingly without care of what others say or think about them. It raised the question in my mind about whether acceptance is necessary for an entrepreneur.

Although, especially with all we know about entrepreneurs and their unique personalities and character traits, acceptance may not appear to be considered as necessary. However, it may be a consideration, or better said, a goal when and as relationships develop, mostly as a result of visionary similarities, that common bonds start to form.

Often, such relationships can become quite strong as the passion of two typically equals the same of four or five individually. After all, passion is contagious!

I believe it’s this form of acceptance that actually helps the entrepreneur’s vision to become clearer. It’s almost as if the entrepreneur’s dreams have been validated. Of course, confidence builds.

I further believe it’s this subliminal fact-checking process that leads to self-acceptance. THAT is what keeps the entrepreneur driving forward, not only in the face of challenges, but despite them.

Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!