Weekend Motivation & Inspiration at Acceler8Success Cafe

I fully understand the importance and necessity for today’s entrepreneur to be motivated & inspired, and educated & well-informed. I also acknowledge that an entrepreneur’s time is limited, and quite valuable.

As such, and as part of my commitment to entrepreneurial success at all levels, me and my team will do the heavy lifting and review podcasts & videos we know will help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Then, each Sunday I will share what we believe to be of interest to our growing list of current and aspiring entrepreneurs, and as a complement to daily editions of Acceler8Success Cafe.

In addition, below the videos, I will provide links to the past week’s articles to provide an opportunity to read what may have been missed during the week and/or to be reviewed a second time.

“Here’s to your entrepreneurial success. Make it happen. Make it count!”

NOTE: Please pause video before moving from one to another. Thank you!

Articles from September 12 to September 16

Our focus this past week was on immigrant entrepreneurship as we recognized and began to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage month which runs from September 15 to October 15.

The Path to the American Dream of Business Ownership for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Hispanic Entrepreneurship Front & Center at Franchise Expo South

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month With a Focus on Entrepreneurship

Immigrants and the American Dream of Business Ownership

The American Dream: Is it [still] alive for immigrants?

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