Have you ever needed a little push to start your day?

This morning, I feel like I need a little push to jumpstart my day. Have you ever felt that despite feeling good physically and mentally, that your mind is a bit foggy and out of focus? That you know what needs to be done, yet you find yourself staring at the screen, staring at your calendar seemingly in a trance?

Well, I feel that way today and as I have done in the past, I turn to motivational and inspirational quotes. So, as I focus on my own motivation and inspiration, I’m happy to share the same along with some of my thoughts. I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.

New Beginnings

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If we focus and think deep enough, we know when the time is right. It’s when we listen to what presents itself as our intuition, that feeling in our gut, that we know it’s time to pivot, to change course, to take action. We must not fight it.

Instead, embrace it as part of the great journey called, life. The wonder of it all are the powers around us, spiritual as they are, they actually provide signs, messages that move us, sometimes by force in the direction intended for us, chosen for us.

It’s then up to us to face, address what’s in our path — to tackle challenges and capitalize on opportunities, listening carefully, watching attentively and acting decisively… essential to not ignore what is evidently clear.


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This is one of a handful of quotes that I keep close by to motivate, inspire and remind me to realize opportunities, consider possibilities and explore options – All part of the drive to achieve success at the highest level possible. Sometimes it means doing it for me. Other times it’s for someone else. But the most rewarding is when it helps another person while also producing benefit for me. Truly a win-win.


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This one really hits home on days like today… Successful entrepreneurs have a passion for what they do, so working hard is part of their DNA. But anyone who is successful also recognizes that life and work are a marathon, not a sprint. Even they need some downtime every now and again.

The Future

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With two plus years of the Pandemic in the review mirror and all that had adversely affected business as we knew it, and despite current economic uncertainty, it’s time to look ahead to the future. In doing so, we must keep this Peter Drucker quote in mind and act accordingly.


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One of my favorite images that really gets me thinking and wondering. It makes me think about the complexity (or perplexity) of entrepreneurship. The universe is in sight, almost at the entrepreneur’s fingertips. The entrepreneur, tired and weary is still standing.

Like the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, is the light shining outward and as such, getting brighter or is the darkness overtaking the light? And as may be reality or perception, is the entrepreneur looking at the bottom of what’s closing in from above or is the entrepreneur on top of the world taking it all in.

Such could be the majesty or travesty of entrepreneurship. Or, could it be the basis of loneliness experienced by many entrepreneurs?

And One Last Push for a Great Day!

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Today is a new day and with it new beginnings, albeit with potential of different perspectives on first impressions or just seeing things in a different light. Life is great that way!

Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!