It’s a New Week, a New Month, and a New Quarter. It’s Time to Make Things Happen!

Yes, it’s a new week, a new month, and a new quarter. In fact, it’s the last quarter of 2022. As such, we have a choice to make. 

We can look ahead to the holiday season while remaining status quo and coast to year’s end. Although, I’m not sure anyone would consider this an option under any circumstances. But then again, I may be wrong and possibly, I just don’t understand complacency. 


We can double down and build upon a successful year thus far, or if the year has been less than successful, we can increase efforts and end the year on a high note. 

Let’s push complacency aside and focus on doubling down and increasing efforts in the fourth quarter. If not for a burning desire to succeed, at least as a counterattack on the perils of economic uncertainty. In either case, it’s time to make things happen!

While on the starting line of the race to a successful end of year, let’s begin with some motivation. Then, as the days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months, we’ll focus on the various action items necessary to help us achieve our goals, and without fail. 

Per the quote in the movie, Apollo 13 — “Failure is not an option!”

Starting Line Motivation

We must keep our wishes, hopes and dreams in mind, lest we forget our our objectives, and even our goals. It’s important we be open-minded with a strong desire and willingness to explore, dream & discover possibilities, and opportunities. In order to make things happen, we must understand our Why.

We must look forward to each and every day, and with a positive mindset. Doing so will help us remain focused on our goals. This focus will help us stay the course according to plan. 

Moments are what shape and define our lives. They determine who and where we are today, where we want to go in life. It’s the moments that we win or lose. Live for the moments upon us, for they can change our lives forever so we must make the best of those that present themselves. Life is short, so we cannot go another day, hour or minute and regret a moment, any moment that could have changed our life. We must keep the fire burning, and our passion alive.

‘Opportunity’ is defined as, a favorable juncture of circumstances; a good chance for advancement or progress. We must keep our eyes open for possibilities, even if they’re disguised as challenges, issues or cases of failure. We must then aggressively exploit possibilities as opportunities. It makes perfect sense to do so, but without procrastination. 

Keeping the Acceler8Success mantra in mind will help us capitalize on opportunities while driving us to accelerate, and achieve success. Success being an achievement of goals in line with our Why. Our focus must remain as such!

Have a great day, a great week, a great month, and a great quarter. Make it happen. Make it count!