Motivation & Inspiration for the Week Ahead!

As I had previously mentioned, Sundays at Acceler8Success Cafe are now focused on providing motivation and inspiration for the week ahead. My goal is to provide a positive foundation for the week that will complement the weekday activities at Acceler8Success Cafe. My intent is to do so as an extension of my commitment to helping current and aspiring entrepreneurs achieve and accelerate their success.

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It’s important not to start the week with thoughts about anything negative that may have occurred last week or even last month. Those doors are closed. It’s important to focus on the here and now, lest we run the risk of missing possibilities – ones that may actually turn out to be opportunities.

Plus, if we focus on positive things, we’ll be surprised by how many additional positive things will start appearing in our life. We must be prepared to act accordingly in order to capitalize on the positives that may appear, and as they often seem to appear… when we least expect it.

After all, as NCAA Coaching Great, John Wooden said, “Confidence comes from being prepared.” And, Seneca, a major philosophical figure of the Roman Imperial Period once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” I’m sure most will agree, these quotes do make sense. Do you agree? Do you feel lucky?

One more thought for the week ahead, and this is a message for YOU!

Be proactive. Do not sit back and just wait for that next opportunity. Look for it. Explore possibilities with an open mind. Create your own luck by being prepared. Attend a few meetings in your area and network, network, network – every single day this week!

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Have a great week ahead. Make it happen. Make it count!