Today’s Entrepreneurs: Visionaries or Doers?

It’s Day Four of celebrating National Entrepreneurship Month at Acceler8Success Café. After spending the past few days discussing the definition of entrepreneurship, we will now look at today’s entrepreneurs and their thought process.

Today’s Entrepreneurs

The world around us has become so noisy that it’s easy to not hear opportunity knocking. In the past, opportunity presented itself in only a few ways… job offers, a referral, an ad in the paper. Business was regimented… 9 to 5, straight forward processes, slow to change, staying inside the box.

Well, technology along with our lost feeling of security, job and otherwise has provided us opportunities and reasons that we must keep our eyes open, explore beyond our comfort zones. We must maintain an open mind to create things of value, to control our own destiny, to diversify our income, to take calculated risk, and to think and act outside the box (of complacency, fear, and procrastination).

We’re in an environment where the visionaries continue to create the playing field but it’s only the doers who will win. Acting swiftly, yet decisively, albeit deliberately, often throwing caution to the wind, caring little about what others think of them and their decisions, maintaining a laser-focus to not only succeed, but to thrive. These individuals not only make things happen, but they also make them count, and in a big way.

They are today’s entrepreneurs.

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An Entrepreneur Knows

An entrepreneur knows to wake up in the morning and immediately begin planning the day ahead.

An entrepreneur knows to do this despite having already done so the night before and possibly several times throughout the night.

An entrepreneur knows he or she will awaken hungry for results.

An entrepreneur knows new ideas will be churned and devoured by his or her mind each day, each hour, each minute.

An entrepreneur knows the hunger for success has no end.

An entrepreneur knows all too well the success bar will keep rising.

An entrepreneur knows personal expectations will continue to grow.

An entrepreneur knows the fire in his or her belly must be fed continuously.

An entrepreneur knows he or she must accomplish more and more each and every day.

An entrepreneur knows the hunger will persist no matter how much he or she bites off.

An entrepreneur knows to chew faster and faster to keep from choking.

An entrepreneur knows to survive and to succeed is to fuel the hunger, not curtail it.

An entrepreneur knows all this because it’s in his or her DNA.

An entrepreneur knows…

Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!