And on the Seventh Day, Entrepreneurs Rest!

And on the seventh day, entrepreneurs rest. Is that a true statement?

Certainly, entrepreneurs need rest and relaxation just the same as others, and Sundays are the perfect day to do so. However, entrepreneurs always remain focused on the big picture.

Their eyes and ears are always open for possibilities and opportunities. They’re committed to keeping their minds sharp to be able to evaluate and act upon the same. They strive to stay fit to be prepared for grueling schedules and long days.

Nevertheless, taking care of mental and physical health certainly does not mean being complacent and lazy. Success is about balance… and focus on achieving goals!

Successful entrepreneurs have a passion for what they do, so working hard is part of their DNA. But anyone who is successful also recognizes that life and work are a marathon, not a sprint. They need some downtime on the weekend to ensure they’re up to the task of being creative problem solvers and innovators Monday through Friday.

Sure, they may spend some time catching up on administrative work. They may focus time on a big project that needs special attention. And they should dedicate time to thinking about the future and considering the big picture.

But what successful entrepreneurs don’t do is spend the entire weekend buried under work. Everyone needs a break, and entrepreneurs are no less immune to burnout than anyone else. Their weekends are spent restoring their bodies and minds and getting prepared to function optimally come Monday.

Read about nine things successful entrepreneurs do over the weekend to unwind and re-energize for the week ahead HERE.

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Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!