Merry Christmas!

Whether you’re doing some last-minute shopping, traveling somewhere to celebrate Christmas or going through final preparations as you open your home to friends & family please try to take it slow, minimizing stress as much as you can. Enjoy the Christmas Holiday that has been on your radar for the past few weeks with anticipation of this special time of year.

Focus your thoughts on laughter and joy as family and friends comes together. An act of kindness or two will bring peace to you and to the recipient of your gesture. Smile and do so often. Make today, tonight and tomorrow a memory to be looked back upon as another special event and one you’ll look forward to replicating for years to come. Be safe and enjoy!

Let’s also remember, it’s been a tough, stressful couple of years for many. As such, as I continue to share feel-good images and posts to help fill our minds with good thoughts, peace and calm, please pass them on. Especially as we never really know if a particular image or post lands in front of those to whom it may make a positive impact, spur a change or even save a life.

This holiday season please also remember all those serving our country that cannot be home with their friends and families. Without their service and the sacrifice of others before them, we might not be able to enjoy this special time of year with our own friends and families and in the manner we so choose. God bless them all and please keep them safe!

As we enjoy family, food and gifts, we must remember to look beyond the festive nature of Christmas and keep the reason for the season in mind. A Savior is Born. Christ is King. Merry Christmas!

And if you celebrate for different reasons, it’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters, it’ s who’s is around it with you.

Best wishes for a joyous Christmas for all and may it be filled with love, happiness and prosperity!