Is it possible for an entrepreneur to completely shut down for the weekend?

Entrepreneurs & Weekends: Do What’s Best for YOU! (July 2022)

If you were to do a Google search for ‘entrepreneurs and weekends’ or any combination of words including both of these words, one would find more than could be read in a day that appears to have relevance. Although, that relevance is on both sides of the coin.

One side showcases the necessity and desire of entrepreneurs working seven days a week. The other side presents the case of work / life balance and necessary rest. Both philosophies could be looked at as the right way with a laundry list of successful entrepreneurs listed on both sides. If the lists were determined by reason or justification, additional lists would be required.

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Sure, times have changed, and the business environment has kept pace. A push for a 4-day workweek certainly appears counterintuitive to entrepreneurs working weekends. Yet, working remotely could be embraced by the entrepreneurs that desire to seemingly work 24/7 without having to ‘waste’ time commuting to an office.

On the flip side, is it possible for an entrepreneur, creative and innovative as is typical of a successful entrepreneur’s traits and characteristics to actually shut down for two or three (holiday weekends) days at a time? Or if they did take the weekend to enjoy some rest & relaxation, would that time be spent exclusively on non-business activities?

I guess we’d have to identify ‘business activities’ to have a true understanding. Apart from actually crunching numbers, drafting proposals, outlining strategies and reading reports, do business activities include spending time thinking about new ideas, reflecting upon decisions, thinking ahead and even reading business-related books & publications?

Is it possible for an entrepreneur to completely shut down for the weekend? And truly shut down without a glimpse at or about anything that is even closely related to business? Is it possible to clear one’s mind?

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Further, considering an entrepreneur’s passion and commitment to his or her venture, is it really possible for them to turn on a dime and focus elsewhere?

I believe the true answer to these questions comes down to balance. After all, it’s impossible to run 24/7 without burning out and / or adversely affecting one’s health. That’s a given. By the same token, is it practical to completely shift for the weekend and then shift back just two days later?

And is it really two days or are we ignoring the often-recommended practice of preparing for the week ahead Sunday evenings? And when does the weekend start – Friday nights or Saturday mornings?

Yes, balance is the answer but also essential is developing one’s business in a way to not control the entrepreneur’s every waking minute. The entrepreneur’s mindset must also adjust to delegate accordingly. Building a team is key. As is developing the right culture.

Basically, there must be a Yin and yang structure within the entrepreneur’s mind to allow, ensure work and life co-exists, as opposed to a this or that scenario.

So, sleep a little later than usual this weekend. Work out a little longer and harder. Spend quality time with your loved ones. Grab an afternoon nap. Take a few hours for a leisurely lunch or dinner. Hit the links with your friends. Do it all or do nothing at all as that’s okay.

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However, don’t feel like you have to do any of it and certainly don’t do things out of guilt or doubt or because some articles say you should do things a certain way and within a certain schedule. Do what makes you feel well-rested physically AND mentally. Do what you enjoy and what makes you happy.

And if entrepreneurship or your venture isn’t making you happy, it may be time to re-evaluate what it is that you do moving forward.

Have a great weekend. Make it happen. Make it count!