The Debate is Heating Up… Is College Necessary for Success?

Is a college degree truly necessary in order to have a successful future in business? This was the basis of an article at AllBusiness.comIs College Necessary for Success?

Insights and perspectives are shared by 9 business leaders under the points listed below. Although, in retrospect I wish I had been able to ponder over each heading before reading the entire article. Maybe even view each as a statement to be considered as true or false? Try it for yourself…

1. College isn’t necessary, but it can teach useful skills.

2. The internet has brought education to the masses.

3. A successful future requires education, not college.

4. College may not be necessary if you have high potential.

5. Securing a trade is a fine choice.

6. College improves your earning potential and networking.

7. Employers view college as a wise investment.

8. Only certain career paths require a degree today.

9. College makes you competitive.

My Insight and Perspective

First and foremost, considering the varying costs of tuition from state colleges to private universities, I still believe a formal education is worth it and more than likely will help open doors in one’s career. That said, like anything else, it’s what a student makes of it.

Understanding the job market and industry trends must be considered, but too often is not. As such, a degree in African Art or Greek Mythology may fulfill a student’s interest in the subject and possibly their passion for learning, but it’d be a long shot as a career path, and especially if the degree is earned at an expensive private university. I believe being practical and realistic is paramount when deciding upon a major course of study.

As for the question about whether a college degree is necessary for success, it seems that only two paths are being considered when the statement is made that college is not for everyone – trade school or college. What about the option for those who would be “right” for college that possibly decides he or she just wants a different path for their future and trade school or even joining the military are not of interest to them?

Starting a business could be a viable path if not for financial barriers. It’s much easier to secure funding for education than it is for business. Multi-generational business partnerships are a viable option. Freelancing and side gigs are viable, as well. Of course, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

But, what would help improve the probability of success? Would it be feasible to develop an entrepreneurship school along the lines of a trade school to help create a foundation for a young person to choose a path toward entrepreneurship and business ownership? Would attendance at such a learning institution help to build traditional and private lender confidence? Could it also provide an option for individuals that may want to shift career paths after working 5–10–15 years?

It’s been said that entrepreneurship will drive our country’s economic recovery and provide a foundation for the future. Yet, what’s being done to help our younger generations explore and prepare for entrepreneurship? After all, they will soon represent the majority of our labor force and is enough being done today for them to represent the majority of future business owners?

Mind you, I’m not hunkered down into one position or another on the topic, but I firmly believe we need to be thinking about and exploring options if our country is to remain as a leader on the world’s stage.

Let’s keep the conversation moving along. I look forward to learning your thoughts and opinions on the subject.

Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!