Build Brand Identity Through Personal Branding

I believe anything a franchisor does should be done to benefit the franchise brand and as such, franchise relationships. The digital world plays perfectly into this philosophy as it affords interactivity at all stages of the franchise relationship – from inquiry through award while trickling into consumer awareness. This is especially the case for startup and emerging franchise brands.

From prospecting for qualified franchise candidates to supporting the first wave of franchisees, the utilization of digital tools creates environments that strengthen relationships, shares information, provides two-way communications, and provides points of reference for follow up.

Doing so creates a multi-tiered platform of information and interaction that benefits both franchise development and consumer proposition efforts alike. Often, simultaneously. That is the power of personal branding!

For franchise startups and emerging brands, the founder’s vision of the concept is paramount to future success. The founder is perceived as the concept. In the earliest of stages, he or she are essentially the brand. At least until a significant number of franchises are awarded and brand awareness is established across multiple markets, the founder is the inspiration for franchise candidates.

The benefits to spreading this message through digital channels and outlets such as social media, blogs, podcasts, etc. are that these tools and associated strategies will generate direct excitement about the business concept and the brand. As well, it will generate subliminal, subtle interest in the franchise concept.

This all establishes a strong foundation for growth. It also defines a very worthwhile, visible support mechanism for franchisees as the consumer proposition is fortified by the digital activity. Passion becomes ignited at all points of contact. Brand loyalty quickly follows suit.

It’s all centered around the founder’s vision and a personal touch that candidates and consumers desire. The vision becomes the brand and vice versa.

Essentially, it all starts and continues with personal branding for the founder to the point the founder becomes synonymous with the brand even if his or her name is not part of the brand name.

Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!