Act Like a Big Cat to Succeed as an Entrepreneur![REVISITED]

Quite often, and again several times over the past few weeks I’ve been asked about the Acceler8Success mantra…

Act swiftly. Act decisively. Make it happen. Make it count! 

Apparently, there’s some confusion as to what it actually means and how it has anything to do with succeeding.

Always excited to talk about our process, I explain that acting swiftly and decisively does not mean throwing caution to the wind or making a rash or abrupt decision. Being prepared is essential when working toward a goal. So is due diligence, understanding the lay of the land, realizing potential consequences of actions to be taken, and thinking through the what ifs.

Think about the big cats. Whether it be a tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, snow leopard, cheetah or cougar, their instincts, combined with their skills enable them to succeed. Instinct is something that all are born with, while skills are developed over time. The two together make for a lethal force practiced again and again. Essentially, it’s the big cats’ education, their preparation for survival.

From a human perspective, we all have instincts – some more acute than others. Over time, those instincts are honed by developing skills to complement and enhance instincts. Entrepreneurs are cases in point.

Actually, most anyone considering entrepreneurship must have similar characteristics as others with an entrepreneurial mindset. Of course, all have a unique mix of instinct and skill – some better than others. Thus, some succeed at a higher rate despite starting out with similar traits and abilities.

Just as big cats are educated by their parents, they’re also self-educated by perfecting their skills again and again. Their instincts minimize their failure rates, but still the process is mostly trial and error. However, their motivation remains in tact – they must succeed in order to survive. I’m sure all will agree, survival is a very strong motivation.

And, just like big cats, in order to survive, entrepreneurs must rely on eating what they kill. In fact, in entrepreneurial circles from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, the phrase “Eat what you kill” has taken on a metaphorical meaning:

Don’t rely on an hourly wage for protection. Instead, survive on your business successes alone.

With instincts fine-tuned and skills having been developed and perfected, the big cat goes on the prowl for its next meal, and as such, its next set of challenges. This is when the big cat does its form of due diligence.

It scopes out its prey. Once a potential goal is in sight, it evaluates the lay of the land – What’s between the big cat and its prey? Where can the prey run? Where should the big cat direct the prey toward to make the capture easier?

Consequences are also evaluated. Are there other predators in sight? Are they part of a larger group? If the prey is caught, how will other predators be prevented from taking it?

The big cat is ready. Let the stalking begin…

Is it any different for an entrepreneur as he or she explores possibilities and flushes out opportunities, all for the sake of achieving one’s goals and objectives? The entrepreneur’s due diligence is essential to his or her success. There can never be too much due diligence provided perfection over progression doesn’t set in. Worse still is procrastination.

So, here’s where the Acceler8Success mantra kicks in.

With preparation and due diligence in place, it’s time to act. And just as the big cat is ready to attack in a split-second, with full confidence it will achieve its goal, the entrepreneur must act swiftly and decisively, and without hesitation or trepidation. He or she must make it happen, AND make it count!

Are you an entrepreneur looking to take things to the next level, or an aspiring entrepreneur considering [finally] taking action to move you toward your goals. If either is the case, I’ll leave you with the following:

Do you have the self confidence to succeed? Do you believe in yourself enough to ignore those who do not have your best interests at heart? Do you have commitment in your decisions that you don’t need approval or praise from others?

The quote by Peter Drucker“The best way to predict the future is to create it” may have more relevance today than ever before. Yet, there’s more trepidation than ever before to leave what’s presumed to be a safe, secure space.

Whether deciding to start or buy a business, to expand a business, or even to change jobs and/or move to another city, fear of the unknown is an extremely heavy obstacle to move. Combined with procrastination in researching and educating one’s self of possibilities and opportunities, the obstacle appears to get heavier by the minute.

Only with full commitment to achieving a goal can the obstacle be challenged, navigated or moved. It’s not as impossible as it seems, provided commitments extend to preparation and due diligence, and to developing and honing the skills necessary to succeed. Once all are in place, key to success is to act swiftly and decisively, and to make it happen, and to make it count.

Making it count is the ultimate achievement as it addresses the Why that drives the entrepreneur’s mindset just the same as the big cat’s Why of survival for another day.

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Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!