Entrepreneurs MUST Develop Exceptional Sales Skills to Succeed!

Regardless of the industry and industry segment, successful entrepreneurship begins with the entrepreneur’s ability to sell. He or she must be able to sell to investors, clients, suppliers, and employees from day one. Of course, it’s essential to have developed a great idea, product or service, and business model, but without perfecting the ability to articulate the vision, communicate it well, and close the deal, the company or concept goes nowhere.

Unfortunately, not enough emphasis and time is dedicated to the importance of sales in an entrepreneurial venture. Sales is a cornerstone to entrepreneurial success. However, many just wing it with the mindset of, the product or service will sell itself or build it and they will come. The bottom line is, nothing sells itself and unless there is awareness of what is being built, no one will know!

Over the next few days at Acceler8Success Cafe, taking nothing for granted I will focus on basic sales skills. From prospecting to closing, I’ll work through various steps in a sales process. For now, I will keep it simple because quite simply, understanding and implementing sales fundamentals will go a long way toward entrepreneurial success, and quite frankly, success in achieving almost any goal.

One more thing, and this is vitally important to your “sales” success, key to a successful entrepreneurial venture is the founder, the entrepreneur being the number one salesperson, the number one promoter. No one will ever do it as good as you!

“Sales is not about selling anymore, but about building trust and educating.” – Siva Devaki

Today I will share a few of my favorite articles around the subject of entrepreneurship and sales. Enjoy & Happy Reading!

Entrepreneurial Selling: The Simple Mindset Shift That Wins More Deals

You might be selling for a blue-chip Fortune 500 company (like I once did), a shiny new startup (I’ve done that too), or somewhere in between… Regardless of what you sell, to succeed in winning new business, you need to incorporate entrepreneur sales approaches into your existing sales toolkit.


Entrepreneurial Sales and Why It’s Important

In the uber-competitive world of entrepreneurial sales, it helps to learn from the best. And, Babson College Associate Professor Vincent (Vini) Onyemah is one of the best.

Onyemah was recently interview to share why he says entrepreneurial sales is the single most important business function. The interview brought to light valuable information that will be helpful to entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike.


10 Sales Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Master

Sales skills are not limited to salespeople. When you’re on a journey to become a successful entrepreneur, your skills for selling yourself as a leader can be essential.

Starting from day one in your business, you’re likely selling yourself and your company.

Whether it’s pitching your idea to potential investors or showcasing your latest innovation to prospects, the success of your business often depends on your ability to sell.


7 Best Sales Books All Entrepreneurs Need To Read

Are You An Entrepreneur Who Struggles With Sales?

Your sales division is what keeps your business afloat and allows growth. Even if you have the best product or service on the market, a lack of high-quality sales techniques will undercut its potential.

Sales skills are essential. They help entrepreneurs sell products, draw in customers, and increase profits. You need to master sales skills to help you become the next Ferriss, Gitomer, or even Dale Carnegie.


Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!