An Important Sale Appears to be Lost… What would you do? How would you handle this situation?

This week, we’ve discussed sales basics including prospecting, presentations and sales questions. Today, we take a look at a key sale that appears to be lost, but the sale is critical to the organization selling its products or services!

In light of today’s economic uncertainty, the possibility of being in this position is quite real. As such, this is a discussion that is of utmost importance to today’s business owner / founder / entrepreneur, especially as the answer appears to subjective… or is it?

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When the Sale is in Jeopardy, but Failure is not an Option!

You’re close to finalizing a major deal with a prospective client that will result in a large payout and repeat business for years to come. The time you’ve spent nurturing this prospect will finally payoff. Some of your current clients have been disappointed by the lack of attention you’ve shown them over the past year, but you know you can make it up to them after you close this deal. Besides, this new client would generate a significant increase in revenue and profits that everybody knows is vital to your company’s future success.

But wait. You’ve learned in the 11th hour; the prospective client is changing directions and is exploring options with your competitor. As it turns out, the change in direction is being blamed on something you did or said that they weren’t exactly happy with. You find this out from a former employee, now employed with your competitor. He goes on to tell you the prospect would rather do business with your company but only if you weren’t involved.

You think about the potential loss of immediate and future business. What about the revenue and profits the company desperately needs? How would you be viewed by your employees (and partners) if the prospect signs with your competitor when you’ve invested so much time and resources? What happens if key employees find out the prospect could have been saved if you stepped aside? What is it that you did or said that caused the change in direction? Does it really matter now?

Forget the “this wouldn’t happen to me” response. Put aside the “it couldn’t happen like this” statement. Look beyond the “he should have seen it coming” exclamation. Let’s assume it happened exactly as it was described above – What would you do? How would you handle this situation?

Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!