A Few LinkedIn Tips

Let me help make your LinkedIn experience more satisfying and effective.

When posting a url to a discussion, be sure to post it in the “Additional Details” box below the “Enter a Topic or Question” box. By doing so, your link will be active and all a reader has to do is click on the link. If the link is placed in the “Enter a Topic or Question” box, the link will not be active. Therefore, in order to access the link, the reader must copy and paste the url into the browser before being able to access your site.

My own research, okay, trial and error, has shown that active links are four times more likely to be accessed than links that have to be cut and pasted. Be sure to include “http://” to make the link complete. The same is true when posting within responses to discussions as well.

Hope this helps, even just a little bit.

Just starting out with LinkedIn? Watch the video below.

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