Rules of Engagement within the Social Web

Recently, I posted, With Social Media Comes Great Responsibility, which included text from Brian Solis‘ new book, Engage! Solis talks about establishing guidelines before jumping blindly into social media. In essence, a plan of action must be developed before taking the plunge.

Today, I will take establishing guidelines a step further, and refer to Solis’ Rules of Engagement. In the We Are Champions section of Engage!, Brian lists 23 suggested rules of engagement that when defined, and in conjunction with establishing policies and procedures, will “help shape proactive and reactive dialogues to benefit the business, brand, customer, peers, and prospects.” But, so as not to cause any confusion, he does puts a fine point on this in stating that these rules are “not the same as implementing and managing rules of conduct.”

Rules of Engagement
from Engage! by Brian Solis
Chapter 17 – Pgs 201-202

1. Unveil the communities of influence and discover their choices, challenges, impressions, and wants.

2. Participate where your presence is advantageous and mandatory; don’t just participate everywhere and anywhere.

3. Consistently create, contribute to, and reinforce service and value.

4. Concentrate participation where it will offer the greatest rewards for both sides.

5. Assess pain points, frustrations, and also expressions of contentment to establish emotional connections.

6. Determine the brand identity, character, and personality you wish to portray – and match to the individual persona who’s in front of it when online.

7. Adapt predefined personalities with the voice of the community in which you engage.

8. Observe the behavioral cultures within each network and adjust your outreach accordingly.

9. Become a true participant in each community you wish to galvanize.

10. Don’t speak at audiences through messages.

11. Dig deeper to connect what transpires in the Social Web to your business objectives.

12. Learn from each engagement.

13. Ensure that any external activities are supported by a comprehensive infrastructure to address situations and adapt to market conditions and demands.

14. Establish a point of contact who is ultimately responsible for identifying, trafficking, or responding to all things that can affect brand perception.

15. Act, don’t just listen and placate – do something.

16. Earn connections through collaboration.

17. Empower advocacy.

18. Embody the attributes you wish to portray and instill.

19. Don’t get lost in conversation or translation; ensure your involvement strategically maps to objectives specifically created for the Social web.

20. Establish and nurture beneficial relationships online and in the real world as long as public perception and action is important to your business.

21. “Un-” campaign programs and ensure they’re part of a day-to-day cause.

22. “Unmarket” by offering solutions and becoming a resource to your communities.

23. Give back, reciprocate, acknowledge, add value, and contribute where it makes sense.

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